Jiahua hot sales in the current price stability welcome to inquire

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Xiaogan Yuan Show in March the whole department six super car season.Our store offers many interest-free financial policies.Support any brand model replacement, launched models can enjoy the highest replacement subsidy.Recommend friends and relatives to buy a car can also participate.Customers who visit the store can participate in drawing big prizes such as Iphone13 and Airpod headphones.Maximum cash discount for all models.Down payment of 3888 yuan, a new car to drive home, plus five years of zero interest.Purchase the designated model enjoy 3 years of 6 maintenance.Order Jiahua apple Iphone13 mobile phone.5 years or 100,000km super long engine warranty (main zero part).Welcome your presence!For more discounts, please click the button, we will provide you with a preferential price, with the sales consultant reply message, to the store can get a beautiful gift for free.Address: No. 7, Xiaogan City, East Orange Science and Technology Park