Carry out technical training to promote green prevention and control

2022-08-06 0 By

Recently, WuShan County technology bureau joint WuShan County agricultural plant protection technical personnel bureau organizations in rural areas in the town of los door guo’s villa, large Wen Jia temple south river basin vegetable planting demonstration area, horsepower town north along the vegetable garden, vegetable garden city qing pool training for prevention and control of crop diseases and pests of green technology, for more than 500 vegetable farmers concentrated training,Technical personnel from the identification of crop diseases and insect pests, scientific and safe use of pesticides, green prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests and recycling of pesticide packaging waste and other aspects of detailed explanation, and in-depth vegetable park field technical guidance.After the training, farmers were distributed 2,000 bags of biopesticide fungicides, 1,000 bottles of insecticides, 1,000 yellow plates, over 1,500 copies of color pages on the safe use of pesticides, regulations on the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests, and technical manuals on green prevention and control of vegetable diseases and insect pests.In the next step, Wushan County Science and Technology Bureau and Wushan County Agriculture and Rural Bureau will continue to increase the promotion of green crop disease and insect prevention and control technology, constantly improve the county’s green prevention and control technology level, for the county’s agricultural transformation and upgrading inject new momentum.