Tiger infested!Xiamen’s first wave of New Year tiger babies have arrived

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Yesterday on the first lunar month is xiamen hospitals are coming out of the first sound of “baby tiger,” “area” reporter contact gave birth to baby “tiger” on the day of family, share their joy and happiness: some babies from pregnancy is “tiger”, follow mother traveled to full term, some have a “telepathy” baby and sister, sister a touch his mother, he has a “movement”…Super milk dad skilled with Eva dabao two treasure have “telepathy” location: xiamen maternity and child care time: 0 11 points in the morning, maternal and child health care in the maternity ward, a sleeping tiger baby wake up the baby bed making baby to make sounds which are 0 11 points in the year of the tiger maternity and children’s health care centers last night welcomed the first baby tiger “little tiger is hungry, I’ll give you a milk.”Hearing the noise, “dad” Mr. Wu immediately got up, skillfully took out tools bubble milk powder, bubble after a few drops on the back of the hand to test the temperature, just picked up the baby to feed her.”My husband took care of the first one, and now he’s very comfortable with it.”Ms Yang lay in bed looking at her father and daughter, her face full of happiness.Yang said that since Dabao was born, her husband has done most of the baby-raising work himself in order to give dabao a better rest.Now Dabao is also close to her father. When she was pregnant with her baby, her husband worked and took care of their baby at the same time, which also saved her a lot of heart. During her pregnancy with “little Tiger”, Ms. Yang obtained a health management certificate.”Because Dabao and Erbao are only one year apart, my ‘baby’ skills have not been out of practice, and now I may be better than my wife in parenting.”Mr. Wu while holding the two treasure to sleep, while saying, later this little “tiger” may also be their own more, so that the two daughters are more close to him, the thought of a home after the two daughters rushed to stick to his picture, he felt particularly happy.Looking at the sleeping baby after drinking milk, Ms. Yang quickly took out a mobile phone, to show reporters at home when the baby was born photos.”Look at her sleeping now. She’s almost identical to when my oldest daughter was born. She’s like a twin.”Speaking of the similarities between the two babies, Ms. Yang was excited.It turns out that the two sisters have special “telepathy” during pregnancy.Ms. Yang explained to reporters that in the past few months, when Er Bao was doing fetal education, every time Da Bao stroked her stomach and wanted to “talk” to her sister, Er Bao would become active in her mother’s stomach, as if really responding to her sister.”When they’re older, I’ll take them out and tell people I have twins.”Looking at her daughter, Ms. Yang joked.Follow mother traveled to full-term baby tiger “checking” start New Year’s eve location: xiamen hong love maternity hospital time: 16 points by 7:00 yesterday morning xiamen hong love maternity hospital usher in the first year of the tiger “new baby” 16 points at 7 ms maternity leaves under suitable to produce daughter “actually had a little feeling in my heart, baby born in early may.”Yesterday morning, Ms. Ye stretched out her hand, still holding the needle, gently removed her swaddling clothes and looked tenderly at her daughter’s sleeping face.Three hours after her baby was born, Ms. Ye’s face brightened as she recounted the birth, though she was a little tired.”The baby is actually due on New Year’s Eve, so I had dinner last night and was just getting ready to go to bed when I felt the heat.”Ms. Ye described that just after midnight, she felt vaguely broken water, then contacted the hospital, and her husband was hospitalized to wait for the birth;At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, her “female tiger bao” was born smoothly, the weight of the whole 6 jin.”My husband and I are both named Ye. We plan to call our baby Xiao Ye for the time being.””When little Ye was born, he cried loudly,” Ms. Ye said.Yesterday morning, The Hong Ai Maternity Hospital also gave Ms Ye and “little Ye” New Year gifts – a bunch of flowers, a singing doll.Aunt Zhu, Ms. Ye’s mother, told reporters that the night before yesterday, she and “little Ye”‘s father almost did not sleep a wink, accompanied her daughter’s entire labor process, “the birth was very fast, very smooth, energy quickly recovered!”Aunt Zhu smiled happily.Aunt Zhu told reporters that her daughter did not travel less during pregnancy — Ms. Ye, who is in her early 30s this year, is engaged in Korean translation work. She also went on business trips in Fuzhou, Quanzhou and other places for one or two weeks before giving birth, and did not rest until full term.”Once in a while, she would tell me about her discomfort, and I would encourage her, ‘Being a mother is really like that, it’s not that easy,'” she said.At the same time, Aunt Zhu also supports her pregnant daughter in the case of her ability to work hard.In this way, “little Leaf” followed her mother and came to the world on the first day of the Year of Yin and Tiger.Let’s wish the tiger cubs healthy growth
Editors: Yang Yun, Lai Xuhua
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