Chinese New Year: peace of mind, peace of mind, more reunion

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What is it?In order to rush home in the Spring Festival, driving thousands of miles, to a 365 days to meet the New Year’s Eve dinner.All over the world, no matter the individual in the big family or small family, like a wind-up small battleship, close to the core of the large family like an aircraft carrier, homing.Once upon a time, I learned from Beijing stewed rice pudding, Shanghai babaofan, Guangzhou potted vegetable, northeast stewed noodles, Fujian Fotiaoqiang and Sichuan-Chongqing spicy sausage by myself, with deep friendship.Is the so-called: the world fireworks gas, the most touching people.Nowadays, people are busy in big cities and cannot go back to their hometown in the busy time. They often miss the flavor of The New Year, which is an irreplaceable symbol in their memory.It is very important to grasp food quality and safety in the Flavor of the New Year.A meal meal, maintain ten thousand;Firewood, rice, oil and salt are of vital importance to the overall interests of the people.Food safety problems involve common pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metal pollutants, toxic and harmful pollutants and other problems.The core business of Reco Group covers the field of food safety, never forgetting its social responsibilities, taking “food is the most important thing for people, food is safety first” as its own responsibility, creating one-stop solution for food safety, with solid phase extraction instrument, concentrator, liquid processing workstation, homogenizer and other sets of food safety pre-processing equipment.Food safety from farmland to table, the whole process of security, to achieve comprehensive, to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products is of great significance.Chinese New Year flavor is infiltrating the complex and special emotional consumption behavior, and people’s requirements for dining tables have gradually increased.Ecological environmental protection, good quality, unique taste of special products, just to meet these needs.Both delicious, also want to eat well, a happy New Year, pack up the flavor of food, not only can alleviate people’s hearts a wisp of homesickness, more can thick wrapped in affection, both “delicious”, but also “safety on the tip of the tongue.