Zou’s family was driven out of Shenyang is self-inflicted, but Shen’s connivance and support is the original sin

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Zhao Zongquan after the reign of emperor, shenyang follow the top when the queen’s sister, Shen Congxing and Shen Yuzhen as the queen’s brother sister, identity is a rising tide lifts all boats became a democracy, a girl can marry British public only when marry to a widower, one can marry to the general office of the house of zheng childe when original huotang legally, is really a blessed is he who feel like the whole family!If shenyang discretion in the day that it can be safe, but I did not know how to think of shenyang three siblings, perhaps to a certain height will become greedy, Shen Congxing incredibly want do my room, the sister of his deceased wife, queen shen afraid of rescuer sister be wronged also gave an imperial mandate on the monkey, shen’s also with small niang is very close.In this way, Lady Zhang, who had been wronged to marry Shen Congxing, was wronged even more. How could she behave as a human being when her husband’s family was all in favor of his concubine?Therefore, the zou family’s excessive tolerance made little Niang Zou and her brothers’ wealth come to an end, and some were exiled or imprisoned in the temple for the rest of their lives.So far, everyone is accusing the Zou family malicious, but few people say the fault of shen, Zou family were all driven out of Shen is they deserve it, but shen connivance and support is the original sin, is they passed zou Niang hurt Lady Zhang, let Lady Zhang was so badly hurt.Big lady to make Shen Congxing this old man is arguably second wife is injustice, Shen Congxing compensation she also not calculate, incredibly still give the housekeeper right to zou small niang, clearly is zou small niang attend a banquet break rules, shen queen has advised big niang son just a 7), the most egregious is robbed the big niang son originally the married shen’s husband, she not only with zou small niang’s side,When Xiao Niang Zou was expelled for framing Lady Zhang, he asked Shen Congxing whether he had forgotten The great Zou family. Wasn’t this an attempt to annoy Lady Zhang?No wonder the Zou people are so rampant. The Shens don’t treat Lady Zhang well at all.But Shen Congxing was the husband of Lady Zhang, and the Zhangs couldn’t have a hard time with the Queen and uncle, could they?Well, that leaves the Zou family to deal with.Obviously, Shen Congxing spoiled his concubine and destroyed his wife, but the zou family took the blame. When Xiao Niang zou saw the Sheng family unharmed, it was strange that she could reconcile herself to the situation!She was right to scold the Shen family for being ungrateful.