Trump haunts us!Biden wants to free up his hands to deal with Russia and China, but anti-China lawmakers jump in to take the lead

2022-08-03 0 By

According to US media reports, dozens of Republican senators have signed a warning to Biden, urging him to vote on the terms of the new Iran nuclear deal, or they will do everything they can to block it.Senior Republican politicians, including the anti-China politician Ted Cruz, are blocking Biden.That was somewhat surprising, given that Biden’s apparent goal with Iran was to free up his hand for dealing with Russia and China, a direction in which Republicans and Democrats are not so far apart as they should be. The main difference is that one side doubts the other has been aggressive enough, but that’s not the direction.But Cruz jumped in to block it anyway, to scupper the so-called New Iran nuclear deal.As a matter of fact, the new Iran nuclear deal is still in its early stages. Recently, the United States and Iran did hold a new round of negotiations, and there has been a positive interaction. The United States has made some concessions — waiving some sanctions on Iran.This time, the US did show some sincerity, because the exemption area involves the Iranian nuclear field, which shows that the US is willing to reach a compromise with Iran and promote the us-Iran anti-Iranian nuclear agreement.Republicans see Biden’s concession as a quick fix, not willing to continue to waste time on the Iran issue, so republicans believe it is only a matter of time before the New Iran nuclear deal is reached.Since an agreement must be reached sooner or later, we should not wait for the cooked rice to be cooked before we act. Instead, we should act in advance and block the agreement when it is not reached, so as to achieve the purpose of directly sabotaging the agreement.The reason to scupper the deal is because it was a biden campaign promise, and biden is in a hurry to make concessions to Iran before the end of the year and wants to get this thing over with before the end of the year. Delivering on that promise will give him more leverage in the midterm elections.And republicans are trying to block Biden from doing so.As for the general direction of confrontation with China and Russia, Republicans don’t care because Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House, and they don’t have much real power of their own.So now it’s up to the Republicans to mess around, they don’t have to be responsible, they just have to take a stand, they don’t care what they do, they care about the midterms, they care about getting some power back first.So they are not going to back down, even if Biden wants to antagonize China and Russia.With those Republicans holding firm, a New Deal is virtually impossible because once it comes to a vote, two-thirds of the votes are needed and Democrats hold just 50 seats in the Senate.In addition, the republicans can’t ignore the meaning of a layer, the Iranian nuclear agreement is trump exit, and the most began to the Iranian nuclear agreement is in the period when vice President biden, if let Joe biden was restored, the authority will trump has been questioned, and now is still mainly rely on republican, trump because republican people mostly trump supporters.As for The Republicans, they need to defend Trump in order to win the support of Trump supporters.So while Trump has been reduced to a civilian, he is in fact still around, and his influence can still weigh on Biden’s decisions.So it is up to Mr. Biden to decide whether the United States and Iran can reach a compromise, unless at least 17 Republican senators switch sides, which is highly unlikely.