Airbnb is allocating money to compensate customers for cancellations due to the pandemic

2022-08-03 0 By

Airbnb, the rental platform, has a program for people who booked apartments in the app, but those plans fell through because of the coronavirus measures.Tenants who have been in this situation since December 1 will receive half of the deposit their landlord has not returned to them.At Airbnb, hosts cancel their post-booking policies at their discretion.In the event of cancellation, the full amount will be refunded, part of the amount will be refunded, or cancellation cannot be made at all.The company will initially set aside $20 million (17.6 million euros) for the effort.This rule does not apply if you book your accommodation after the restrictions have come into force and then want to cancel.In addition, Airbnb will introduce travel insurance for its users in the first half of this year.It is unclear exactly what the insurance covers.This article is compiled by China Dutch Business Daily, shall not be reproduced without permission!