Renting also has “thousand layer routine”?I’m glad the Rubik’s Cube apartment has the life I want

2022-08-02 0 By

To be honest, although I have not worked for long, MY experience of renting apartments outside is definitely “rich”. If I had not moved into the Rubik’s Cube apartment last year, I might still be trapped in all kinds of weird renting problems.Here I will talk about the “thousand layer routine” I have encountered, hoping to provide some reference and help to the sisters who are about to intern or work for a short time.Let’s talk about my situation first, because I have been living in a third or fourth tier small city, in my impression, renting is to find housing resources in the city website, and then contact the landlord to look at the house, if appropriate, rent it.However, when I graduated from a first-tier city, I found that there were a lot of rental routines in big cities, which is also the main reason why I chose to live in rubik’s Cube apartment.Getting back to the point, the first time I rented an apartment on a local website I met a “seller show”. It looked neat in the photos, but I went all the way to see the apartment and found it was one of those shabby old buildings with poor lighting and dirty interiors.At that time was really naive, thinking about the past, now think, if you can move to magic square apartment as early as possible, after all, here is decorated, or inside the furniture is very new, all kinds of facilities are also very complete, the pursuit of quality of life of the girl is not too friendly.Renting by yourself is also particularly vulnerable to irresponsible landlords.Like the landlord I rented a house for at that time, usually “god dragon saw the first and the last”, window frame seepage, electrical appliances and broadband problems have to solve themselves.Rubik’s cube apartment, I live now, by contrast, service to simply, usually pay cost, maintenance chores, such as the rubik’s cube apartment steward little brother and sister were all done for me, the last outbreak of material is in short supply, apartment also bought our household disposable masks, rubbing alcohol, etc., really make the body in foreign land “working people feel the warmth of home.Right, oneself rent a house to also be careful to be cheated by intermediary, although this I have not come across, but my bestie honey was secretly received at that time very high “intermediary fee”, the money is paid, and then look for somebody else on all kinds of ignore.Later, I urged her to move to the Rubik’s Cube apartment. Although we are not in the same city now, we feel very friendly when we look at the familiar apartment environment behind us during video chat.It has been two years since I entered the Rubik’s Cube apartment.Now I feel that although the Rubik’s Cube apartment is not my own house, it has the kind of life I like, which is warm and comfortable. I hope all the sisters who rent the apartment can find a happy and relaxed nest as soon as possible like me.