Read a poem before you go to sleep | Tong leaves have fallen overnight, we are still hundreds of steps away from winter

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“A snow after the Autumn” this abrupt white to the Mid-Autumn festival successfully covered all the plants are still trying to grow in this night to experience a parting cold, more like a major traffic accident.The scene of a fire the plants were beyond recognition the whiteness of the disaster made me unable to overstate.A flower chewing in the mouth taste is bitter snow rain like a siren, after a night, the flowers will no longer show in the branches of conjugal love “addiction” a grain of rice in its body embedded in the yellow with the heat of summer a golden orange weigh in hand in hand heart carrying a year rainfall amount of an individual to survive the most simple pure memory have traces of grinding time.And the sparrows preach in the countryside they’re just a bunch of old men who toil every day to recite the Tao Te Ching, and now it’s a little chilly and I’m in the middle of the day wallow in “We’re still a hundred steps from Winter,” and the night is wide and a cat’s scream opens the gap in the night and I’m restless and my thoughts come rushing out.The shadows fed by the moon struggle to find their true self,Sticking and couldn’t find the way to the stars of the sky the moon half-hearted when it is in a good mood in singing sad between trees and mountains and himself became a lightning thin people hang your silent thoughts by month in the moonlight light hurt god arranged a and a the chill rain the weather turn cold day by day tung leaf falling from overnight we have hundreds of steps away from winter I fall in love with it the leavesConfusing season fall in love with this vulgar and thick autumn meaning fall in love with a river well versed in water so think of the heart and the earth as broad also has golden reflective author: “Read Sleep Poems selected poet: bear
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