Liu2 hong: learn to be about to learn a fame stem to be about to stem give color

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“Being a material manager is an easy job many girls would like to do.But every time I saw the welders in the workshop welding and cutting, I always associated the welding flowers with the first steel flowers I saw.I thought: when will I be able to hold a welding handle like them?So being a welder became my dream.”Speaking of the relationship with welding, Shougang Group technology Research Institute welding senior technician Liu Hong’s face filled with a happy smile.At the end of 1990, Liu Hong joined the welder training in Shougang Training Base for five and a half months.In early 1993, she finally picked up her coveted welding handle and began her career as a welder.From that day on, she made up her mind: to learn to learn, to do well, to be a good worker with culture, knowledge and skills.But really go to school welding this road, just really feel the hardships here, more realize to want to do a good welder is how not easy.In order to be able to squat through the welder’s “first pass” practice, Liu Hong clenched teeth to lose 20 kilograms, not only squat effortlessly, and a squat is most of the day.Then we have to go through the “bitter meat pass”.When just doing welding work, the face was baked off the skin, the arms, legs are burned scars everywhere, some became “dead meat”.For this reason, Liu Hong never wear skirts in summer, even short sleeve clothes are not how to wear.The third is to pass the “theory”.Learning electric welding not only requires exquisite operation technology, but also profound theoretical knowledge.So, Liu Hong picked up books, training classes, focusing on the theoretical knowledge of electric welding.Year after year, Liu Hong persevered with his dream with patience, concentration and confidence.In a few years, she changed from an intermediate welding worker to a senior welding worker, and passed the assessment of welding technician and senior technician qualification successively, and became the only female senior welding technician of Shougang in 2005.Flash 30 years past, Liu Hong’s hard work and sweat finally have a return.She was awarded the 2008 Shougang Model Worker.2009 National May 1 Labor Medal, shougang first batch of skilled operation experts;2010 National Model Worker and highly skilled talents with outstanding contributions in Beijing;2011 State Council Special allowance;2012 National Technical Expert;2013 National Citizen Learning Star;2014 China Skills Award, Model of State-owned Enterprises · Beijing Model outstanding Person;Elected as a deputy to the 19th CPC National Congress in 2017;2019 Shougang Craftsman;2020 National machinery, metallurgy and building materials industry craftsman and many other honors.In August 2013, the “Chief Technician Liu Hong Studio” named by Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau was officially opened.In August 2015, the national Master Liu Hong Studio was officially launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.In 2020, China Machinery and Metallurgy Workers’ Technical Association named Liu Hong Master Studio as a demonstration innovation studio, and Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau named Beijing Liu Hong Master Studio.Under the leadership of Liu Hong, 26 scientific research achievements have passed the appraisal of industry, Beijing city and Shougang, and have won 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 17 third prizes of Shougang Science and Technology, among which 1 has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the first prize of metallurgical Science and technology and the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology respectively.”I will use the solder to decorate China more beautiful!”Now, Liu Hong has realized his dream as a welder and started a new journey.