Botou into the national crop straw comprehensive utilization pilot

2022-08-02 0 By

A few days ago, the central financial fund (the first batch in 2022) arranged 7 counties (cities and districts) to carry out the pilot project of comprehensive utilization of crop straw, explore effective models of comprehensive utilization of crop straw, improve the utilization level of crop straw, and build a typical industrial model.Botou was selected as the only county (city) in our city and received 10 million yuan of subsidy funds.Botou city will be relying on the construction of the pilot, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of comprehensive utilization of straw as the goal, to communities in key projects, on the basis of meet the basic needs of agricultural production, returning focus on high quality, increase from the field of, outstanding energy-oriented use, such as direction, insist on the whole county, explore the sustainable and replicable promotion of comprehensive utilization of straw technology route, running mode and working mechanism.We will continue to foster and strengthen a number of market players for the comprehensive use of straw, improve the system for the purchase, storage and transportation of straw, accelerate the high-quality development, transformation and upgrading of the straw industry, give full play to the role of crop straw in carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and actively explore a path of agricultural modernization that is efficient in output, safe in products, resource-saving and environmentally friendly.Through the government to cultivate the environment, policy guidance, stimulate the vitality of market players in various links such as straw returning to the field, leaving the field, processing and utilization, explore the establishment of sustainable straw comprehensive utilization mechanism and stable operation mechanism.(Reporter Liu Jie)