Russian president’s car worth 1.5 million yuan

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When it comes to Russian cars, what comes to mind?Pallet?Hardcore?Weird?Would you believe Russia has rolls-royce-level luxury cars?Aurus was launched in 2013 by the Russian Automotive Research Institute (NAMI) and plans to launch an ultra-luxury car to rival Rolls-Royce and Bentley.Adil Chirinov, Aurus’s boss, says 70-80% of the quota will be sold in overseas markets, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, and in the longer term in China and Western Europe.To that end, Russia has invested heavily in building brand credibility to export to global markets.The Rolls-Royce look-alike is Aurus’ first product, the Senat, and is without a doubt the most luxurious and advanced car currently available in Russia.The Aurus Senat debuted at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in both standard and extended models.The standard version of the Senat is 5,639mm in length, while the extended Senat Limousine is 6,629mm!Aurus said the car, which has a planned annual production of about 350 units, sold out within days of pre-orders.Although the Aurus Senat was only unveiled in 2018, Russia’s president has been using a bullet-proof limousine since 2017.It’s also worth noting that the Aurus Senat’s bullet-proof, extended version is available for public order, which means you can also buy the same version of the Presidential Sedan.In terms of power, the Aurus Senat uses a hybrid system with a 4.4-litre turbocharged V8, developed in collaboration with Porsche, with a maximum total motor power of 598 HP and peak torque of 880N·m. The Aurus Senat has a 9AT transmission with four-wheel drive.Weighing 2,800 kg, the Senat can accelerate to 100 kilometers in six seconds.Aurus has also announced a 6.6-litre V12 engine to rival Rolls-Royce.In the interior, Senat is certainly no slacker, with various high-end leather and mahogany also full of Rolls-Royce feel.The rear row also uses a two-seat layout, equipped with heating, ventilation, massage and other functions, as well as multi-directional electric adjustment and small tables and so on, all luxury cars should be equipped with the configuration is not lacking.You’ll be wondering how much a luxury car like this costs, as several Aurus S600 Senat models exported to the Middle East reportedly start at $245,000!Interestingly, both bullet-proof and non-bullet-proof versions of the limo can be purchased at will, meaning you can also buy the exact same “Presidential sedan.”Aurus has also announced that it will soon produce an SUV called Komendant, based on cullinan.Aurus also plans to launch an MPV called ‘Arsenal’.As a luxury car with a long history, Rolls-Royce’s position is certainly not so easy to challenge, but for a relatively affordable Russian version of the “Rolls-Royce”, I do not know that the rich will feel more attractive?