What if the health code turns yellow or red?How to turn green?It’s all the answers you care about

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Health code suddenly yellow, red is how to return a responsibility?How to turn health code green?All the questions you care about are here. Which people’s health code will become “red code”?Travel ban, concentration or home quarantine are required.They include :(1) nucleic acid test positive persons, confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons, suspected cases, close contacts, close contacts of close contacts, inbound persons, and persons with travel history in medium and high risk areas within the past 14 days.(2) During the emergency response to the epidemic, other high-risk persons who need to be urgently tracked and placed under quarantine.Second, which personnel health code will become “yellow code”?It is necessary to restrict travel, take nucleic acid test nearby or check valid nucleic acid negative certificate and put them into community health monitoring and management.Specific information includes :(I) risk personnel who need to be identified by relevant departments.(2) During the emergency handling of the epidemic, other persons at risk who need emergency screening and management.Iii. How to apply for “Green Code transfer”?(1) Red code personnel will be automatically transferred to “green code” after completing centralized and home quarantine medical observation management.(2) The yellow code personnel shall go to the nearest medical institution or third-party testing institution for nucleic acid test in time. If the test result is negative, the code will be automatically adjusted to green.If a person holds a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, he/she shall be identified by the local prevention and control department and be reported to the provincial level to perform relevant procedures before becoming a “green code”.Iv. What prevention and control measures should be taken after finding people with “red and yellow code”?(1) If a person with “red code” is found, he/she should immediately report to the local community, take good personal protection, and isolate him/her on the spot until the transfer management.Upon receiving the report, the community shall immediately report to the headquarters under the jurisdiction, which shall immediately arrange transport to the nearest centralized isolation medical observation site, and carry out flow and medical investigation.(2) People with “yellow code” shall be prevented from entering densely populated public places such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, KTV and bars, and be restricted from taking public transportation (planes, trains, buses, etc.).At the same time, it advised them to take good personal protection, and informed the local community to do a good job of screening management and health monitoring.5. Where do “yellow code” personnel get nucleic acid test?What to watch out for?”Yellow code” must hold valid identification and go to the nearest “yellow code” personnel channel for nucleic acid test at the designated “Yellow code” nucleic acid test hospital announced by Zhuhai as soon as possible.Precautions for nucleic acid testing :(1) yellow code personnel should wear masks properly and go to the nearest designated hospital for nucleic acid testing according to the regulations on the control of yellow code personnel.(2) Designated yellow code testing Hospitals should guide the “yellow code” personnel to the testing area to complete nucleic acid testing as soon as possible.(3) Yellow code personnel should truthfully report their epidemiological history. If they have a travel history in medium-high risk areas, they should be immediately transferred to fever clinic for investigation;If no, take personal protection after sampling, and go home by yourself according to “yellow code” personnel control regulations.6. Where can “yellow code” personnel go to see a doctor?What to watch out for?(1) “Yellow code” personnel go to “Yellow code” designated medical service institutions for medical treatment: Click to view the list of 27 “Yellow code” designated medical service institutions. (2) “yellow code” personnel should wear masks properly and go to the nearest designated medical service hospital according to the regulations on “yellow code” personnel control.(3) If a patient with yellow code is found in a hospital, special personnel shall guide him to the fever clinic for detailed epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid test.(4) If the nucleic acid test is negative on the spot, they can go to the relevant clinical departments for diagnosis and treatment.If the nucleic acid test is positive on site, the patient shall be kept under observation and isolated on site, waiting for re-examination and screening, and immediately transferred to a designated hospital for COVID-19 treatment according to regulations.For critically ill patients without nucleic acid test report (certificate), hospitals shall take corresponding protective measures and give priority to treatment, and nucleic acid test shall be conducted at the same time.7. Can village clinics, community health service stations and individual clinics receive yellow code patients?Community-level medical and health institutions such as community health service stations, village clinics, out-patient departments and individual clinics are not allowed to treat patients with yellow code.If patients with “yellow code” receive medical treatment, they should be instructed to wear masks properly, told not to take public transportation, and go to the nearest designated medical service hospital according to the regulations on personnel control and control of “yellow code”.Viii. How to use “Sichuan Tianfu Health Tong” in the process of consultation and declaration?The public can consult and complain through “Frequently asked Questions”, “I want to consult”, “I want to complain” and “12345 hotline” at the bottom of the “Sichuan Tianfu Health Link” mini program page.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Wang Jingyu source Health Chengdu official Micro editor He Qitie editor Liu Yonghao