Shangrao is the only county-level city in Jiangxi province, with the reputation of “Copper Capital” and maoshan 4A scenic spot

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Dexing, located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, north of Shangrao city, the junction of Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, le ‘an River in the upper reaches of the “treasure of mountains and rivers, but de is xing” meaning and named, county level city of Jiangxi Province, Shangrao city administration.Dexing covers an area of 2,101 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 11 towns and townships.3 streets, Big Maoshan Group Company.In December 1990, counties were removed and cities were established.Municipal people’s government in silver town.Dexing is located in the middle and low mountains.The territory of mountains. Overlapping peaks, hills rolling extension.Huaiyu Mountains from the east entry, longitudinal central stretching southwest, the formation of the east and south of the high.The terrain is gradually low in the west and north and slopes inward.The highest point for the eastern Sanqingshan Yujing Peak.The main peak is 1819.6 meters above sea level;The lowest point is 32 meters above sea level near western Blue Village.The city roughly accounted for 44% of the mountain, 33% of the hills, low hills accounted for 23%.It is a raohe river system.Le ‘an River is the main river in the territory, originating from the border of Jiangxi and Anhui, entering from the north, flowing through Haikou and Sizhou 2 towns, with a length of 51 kilometers.Dexing has a long history.The culture is brilliant.Eastern Han Jian ‘an eight years (AD 203) county.It has a history of more than 1800 years.Dexing has a good ecology.The ring collapses gracefully.Forest coverage rate of 76%, within the territory of The Big MAO Mountain national scenic area.The world natural rapid production of Sanqingshan North Mountain is located in the city.Dmao Mountain scenic spot is located in dexing City, located in the geographical center surrounded by Sanqing Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Wuyuan and Jingde Town, side by side with Sanqing Mountain east and west, is another peak of Huaiyu Mountain, consisting of dmao Mountain, Naogjia Mountain, Wushan Cave, Shuangxi Lake, sijiao Ping five scenic spots.Big Maoshan main peak Sea HDDS 1392 meters, wei is pretty HDDS, cloud around fog.Dexing is resource-intensive.With developed mining industry, it is famous for its “copper culture” and “multi-culture”, and is known as “Gold Hill”, “Silver City” and “copper Capital”. It has proved reserves and developed more than 30 kinds of minerals.At present, the annual output of copper ranks first in China, and the annual output of gold ranks first in Jiangnan.It is an important non-ferrous metal industrial base in China.How much do you know about the beautiful Dexing?Feel free to leave a comment.