Huawei became a shareholder, Ge shares/BYD holding, Nanjing Core vision obtained hundreds of millions of financing

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Editor search map January 24, “Kechuang Jiangbei” report, Jiangbei New Area enterprise Nanjing core vision microelectronics Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “core vision microelectronics”) recently announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan of strategic financing, this round of financing by ningde times (Morning road capital) lead investment, Ge Ge microelectronics, BYD and other investment.Information shows that Chip Vision Microelectronics was founded in 2018, its predecessor was founded in 2016 in Santa Clara city, Silicon Valley, the United States, in June 2018, Chip Vision microelectronics wholly acquired Silicon Valley Chip Design Company (visionICs LLC), opened a new stage of the company’s development.VisionICs has a world-class development team with over 10 years of experience in the North American chip industry.The company is equipped with advanced integrated circuit design and testing instruments in Silicon Valley.VisionICs, as the leading technology research and development institution of VisionVision in Silicon Valley, will continuously provide technical support for VisionVision.According to media reports, the core world microelectronics the financing amount of hundreds of millions of yuan, will be mainly used for chip production, advanced d – ToF sensing technology and new product research and development, further consolidate core horizon in the field of single photon d – ToF industry leading position, actively promote and industry cooperation on technology products, to speed up the next generation of product development and technological innovation.Vision: To become the world’s leading supplier of optical sensor chips and solutions Mission: Focus on the eye of Wisdom Values: customer first, quality oriented, results-oriented, dare to take responsibility, innovation-driven, the pursuit of excellence1D dToF VI430x, VI530x, and 3D dToF VI43XX.Core Vision dToF products aim to provide the consumer electronics market with high reliability, superior performance, to meet customer needs of the chip and solution design.According to the needs of the market, each generation of products will continue to iterate, driven by better service to customers, such as: reducing costs, improving performance, fixing defects, adding functions required by customers, and developing new applications.In just a few years, core Vision microelectronics has made great achievements in d-TOF field.At present, Chip vision microelectronics has completed dozens of independent research and development, among which six chips are officially available to customers.Edit SouTu