Tutorial classes canceled?Children learn only from teachers?What should parents do?

2022-07-28 0 By

Now “double reduction”, many extra-curricular cram schools have been banned, which makes parents very worried about their children, because the cram schools have been removed, their children have to study at home in the future.Parents are cheering for the implementation of the “double reduction”, but their worries have not diminished.After the “double reduction” was implemented, the notice made it very clear: During holidays, holidays and winter holidays, any form of remedial study is prohibited, and Internet searches and photos are prohibited.Such arrangement, let a lot of parents have some worry, worry about their children under such pressure, will not learn well.In fact, a few decades ago, after-school tutoring was not so popular, most of the children did not take make-up lessons, but there are still a lot of people admitted to Tsinghua university, Peking University, key universities, because they rely on their own teachers.Although said, a student’s learning results, can completely rely on the teacher, but also can not ignore the supervision of parents, so, in the absence of remedial lessons, parents also want to understand more things.Children’s learning depends entirely on teachers. What should parents do?1, reduce anxiety, only rely on teachers to achieve good learning results?Most parents think this is the fairest way to raise children.However, some parents may feel that their students start too slowly and absorb too much knowledge. They simply cannot digest the teacher’s explanation, which makes them increasingly anxious.I believe that with the implementation of “double reduction”, many parents will have the same concerns, at this time, parents should calm down, can not transfer their own pressure to their own body, so that their children can better invest in their own studies.2, actively cooperate with teachers in the later life, school is the primary task of students, parents should actively cooperate, so that they can master more things, rather than nothing.Only when parents and teachers cooperate, can students achieve the best teaching effect, so as to prevent students from learning, do not know, pretend to know.3, check the homework progress every day, if there is no cram school, then parents and teachers should unite, every time they finish their homework at home, parents should check their daily learning status and understanding of knowledge, so as to make them more active and serious in learning.4, urge children to cultivate good learning style parents to urge their children to cultivate good learning style, which can greatly improve the children’s learning effect, but also let the children concentrate in class, so as to finish school faster, will not let the teacher have too much pressure.5, do not do the tactics for parents, it is very normal to worry about, but, at home, do not give their children to do too much homework, it will make them very tired, just like their children sent to school, so, please parents must not be immersed in the sea of topics.6, give children positive incentives for parents, in order to make their children’s studies more stable, do not put all expectations on the shoulders of the teacher, to give the child the right guidance and motivation, let the child in learning to be able to treat with a hundred percent mentality, so as to get full education.7, take children to read, for children’s future studies, parents’ behavior and guidance is very important, you can take children to see a book, so that you can develop a good way of learning, but also let the children’s knowledge is more rich.