Young people’s first SUV on the market!Gold appearance is very individual, 1.5T engine, only 84,800!

2022-07-25 0 By

In April this year, a model hit the market. This model is a member of our own brand, Namely trumpchi GS3.The price of this model is one of its biggest advantages. The manufacturer’s guide price of the new model is 848 ~ 102,800 yuan. There are four new configurations in total.The appearance design of Trumpchi GS3 has not been adjusted too much, but the details have become more delicate, and more youthful elements have been integrated.The front uses three penetrating chrome-plated strips that blend into the intake net and connect with sharp headlights, a family-style Lingyunwing 3.0 design.The fog lamps on both sides are still triangular and connected by chrome trim, so the layering of the front is obvious.Interestingly, the headlights use a rectangular internal light source, which is quite clever, while the yellow chrome trim that runs through the front of the car identifies the Trumpchi GS3.From the side, the wheel is black and yellow double color modeling design, it can be seen that it is very sporty, but also equipped with suspension roof, silver roof luggage rack, the whole is more like a small steel gun model.In terms of body data, the Trumpchi GS3 is 4350/1825/1660mm in length, width and height, and 2560mm in wheelbase.The tail of the model is equipped with a small sports tail, and also equipped with LED high brake lights. The line feeling of the tail is very similar to that of the front, and the logo of GS3 Power is added.In addition, the taillight has more texture, and the horizontal and vertical design makes the shape of the taillight richer.Looking at the interior design, the interior design upgrade of Trumpchi GS3 is quite obvious, adopting a large area of color matching, yellow edge sealing process and black interior style, also focusing on the young fan.The central control part is similar to the suspension style of the dual-screen design, but in fact the driving computer screen is embedded design, give us the visual sense is quite amazing.Driving the design of the computer screen is high-definition LCD screen, and the central part of carrying the suspension is 10.25 inch screen, and pick up the car networking system, also has a mobile phone interconnected system, according to display the configuration of the new car has a car networking systems, and five kinds of speech recognition control system, but most of this kind of configuration is carrying on high distribution models.As for the powertrain, it comes with a 1.5-ton turbocharged engine, which comes in high-low versions with 163HP and 169HP and 235N·m and 265N·m of peak torque, matched by a six-speed manual transmission and a six-speed hand transmission.The Trumpchi GS3 is a small SUV that many people compare to the Honda Bin Zhi and XR-V.Moreover, many consumers at this price also consider new energy vehicles, so the pressure on Trumpchi GS3 is relatively large.