Yao Yang was the dream fly back thorn, live threatened to seal yao Yang account, yao Yang keyboard are afraid to hit

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Speaking of yao Yang estimates is not all strange friends a lot of water, there are a lot of water is seen yao Yang friends live and video, there are a lot of water friends just know yao Yang is a like to hit the keyboard of the host, no matter how, on one hand to hit the keyboard yao Yang is also a successful ones, and not just professional players have linkage, and each big anchor also has a lot of very interesting interaction,This is not recent Yaoyang and dream fly to a wave of black.Dream fly known as king of glory “discipline committee”, in the usual will also help players review plugins, actors, and then through their own channels reported official processing, of course, also including what bugs and so on.But yao Yang did not expect that this time, and the dream of flying black almost put his account to get lost, scared yao Yang keyboard did not dare to hit.From dream can be heard on the fly and yao Yang communication, dream fly said there was a yao in the invincibility of bugs that play with yao Yang, but the dream fly said this BUG can only play the match, can not play qualifying, but yao Yang what is heard in the invincibility of bugs, directly accepted an invitation by the dream fly, when selecting a hero, dream fly choose yao yao Yang, his chose shield hill.And dream fly yao Yang use punishment quickly make a wild rose to level 4, up to 4 after directly and put yao Yang to his head, and the dream fly himself using shield mountain appendage to the defensive towers, as yao Yang yao is in the midst of all, from the attack of the enemy hero and defensive towers attack, even if yao’s injury is not high, but under a state of the invincibility of man is can literally play.Yao Yang saw yao invincible after also meng, but this time yao Yang is not thinking about using the BUG more points, to play the ranking, but directly asked the dream fly will not have an accident, and then said he and dream fly to play this game, this game after the test let the dream fly to give official feedback, let the official fix the BUG.From this point can still see Yao Yang or very respect the game, at least not with the BUG, plug-in this behavior to points, after the dream fly to see Yao Yang so nervous, is also a direct joke said: you no.And hear this sentence Yao Yang became more panic, let the dream fly don’t mess with yourself, who can think of in the studio sky not afraid of not afraid of Yao Yang in the dream fly here suffered.Personal opinion:Have to say that can be seen in the tests of yao Yang, yao Yang character or can be, if for some useful players, is expected to be directly said let’s go on points faster to use this BUG, yao Yang first think of is to make the official to fix the BUG, friends, of course, also want to keep the mentality, BUG test for your entertainment,On points or rely on their own strength, this is the real happiness.