Yao Di’s greatest tragedy, is abandoned by CAI Bin, even greeting will not play

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Yao Di’s greatest tragedy, is abandoned by CAI Bin, even greeting will not play.Hot netizens pointed out: the main is to see the coach’s tactical ideas and players equipped!If the team is going high, the setter must first pick up the pace and blossom more!Diao Linyu and Yao Di style is different, are excellent players!In fact, Yao Di did not go to the Chinese women’s volleyball training camp is wise, so that she can give diao Linyu a seat quickly, in Tianjin women’s volleyball training is no worse than the training camp.Why didn’t I see that Diao Linyu performed better than Yao Di?Before, Yao Di can enter the national team must be thanks to Ding Xia’s blessing, lang Ping has become the standard in recent years, but Diao Linyu in the national team has never performed well, so she has always been yao Di’s substitute, she can only live in the shadow of Yao Di.In CAI Bin when the head coach is now no yao di’s position, is reluctantly into the national team, or substitute, she can only be for the life, even if the future ceng a World Cup champion, that is, the champion of the domestic competition, go out to play immediately show!Now Yao Di’s condition is general, CAI Bin must start to prepare to replace, but in addition to ding Xia and Yao Di, who else can take on the responsibility?The training staff of the women’s volleyball team did not have much development and could not perform well. Isn’t that the level of the national league?Now worry, Yao Di and CAI Bin advocate the tactical concept is incompatible.Is to let CAI Bin adapt to her, or should let her adapt to CAI Bin tactical thinking!Diao Linyu can most reflect CAI Bin tactical intention must be the main, veteran Ding Xia over two points for three points, the same style can coexist.Besides, Ding Xia’s defense is still the best in setter.New xu Xiaoting, CAI Yaqian and Yao Di similar style can also be used occasionally, slowly cultivated.There is a fast changing style of Sun Haiping slowly take over diao Linyu, Ding Xia.The instability of the Tokyo debacle must be eliminated, no matter how good you are, it is important to play as a team.The training camp is her own self-knowledge to give up, is to come, CAI Bin will not use her.Volleyball is a team event, pay attention to team cooperation, the players trust each other, with tacit understanding.In fact, or I will more components.Because yao Di and Li Yingying, Yuan Xinyue and other tactical cooperation, has been a perfect gradually into a good situation.Chinese women’s volleyball team without Yao Di, the whole team will certainly improve the technical and tactical speed.Definitely younger and more pragmatic.For the Chinese women’s volleyball team, slow down the speed of practical play point praise!Yao Di at the beginning of seven into six out of the national team is not for reasons, if it is not for ding Xia has a style of misalignment of the setter, Yao Di is not possible to be selected, this may also be lang Daobing defeat in Tokyo after a very regretful choice!To tell the truth, although Yao di’s setter skills are good in China, but in the national team competition, the performance has always been normal, not particularly bright.To be honest, the national team doesn’t have much of her, nor much without her.It is hoped that in the next few years, the second transmission technology can be greatly improved and contribute to the rise of The Chinese women’s volleyball team.If Yao Di is selected, the current Chinese women’s volleyball team’s setter can only be diao Linyu and Yao Di, two 30-year-old veteran players, with Diao Linyu winning slightly because of CAI Bin.May I ask, where is the future of the Chinese women’s volleyball team?Do young people still have a chance?Therefore, Yao Di’s gradual withdrawal from the stage can only be the general trend.It is not up to the coach to decide whether an individual will stay or leave.Yao di’s technique is in the best period of her career, it is a pity to retire, but health first, respect her choice.Yao di technology has been unstable, and not much hope to rise, age has reached the ceiling, or for a better life and career in the future, the choice of retirement is right.For the sake of China, for the sake of women’s volleyball, we need to make suggestions, not speculations.The responsibility of the head coach is very heavy, will never be based on good intentions, or the prejudice of the early team.I hope we all do good deeds for the victory of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Yao Di was a successful second biography in Lang Ping’s time, and was abandoned by CAI Bin.This is just the beginning, later Lang Pingjiu will gradually be abandoned, otherwise it is not CAI Bin.The United States is playing fast, the speed of light erzhuan once popular in the world, this time CAI Daoyi diao Linyu and Ding Xia, because she is both fast and changeable erzhuan, look forward to Diao Linyu stable play level, live up to CAI Daoyi.I am most worried about Yao Di not to go to the training team, who will replace yao Di second pass?Li Yingying in the Tokyo Olympic Games, because of the problem of setter did not show for the glory of the country, Yao Di is short of a gold medal in the Olympic Games!Now yao di’s technical ceiling has reached the ceiling and there is no room for further improvement. Without the support of tianjin’s main elements, yao Di’s age and injuries make it difficult to integrate into the new tactical system.Lang guide to create Yao Di for many years, let Zhu Ting go to Tianjin development, and Yao Di, Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan’s running-in laid the position of the national team, Yao Di has zhu Ting and Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan many factors.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. Thank you for your company on the way of creation. I will continue to come on!