This vermilion sewing bag is “100 years old”

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Zhang Yaqin is arranging a sewing bag.The collection campaign of “Family style with me”, jointly launched by municipal Civilization Office, municipal Women’s Federation and our newspaper, is still in progress. We have received many calls and letters from ningbo citizens telling their stories about family style.Today, we are going to share a “family heirloom” owned by 79-year-old retired teacher Zhang Yaqin. It is a century-old vermillion lacquer sewing bag…The “hundred-year-old” red lacquer sewing bag is an oblate red rattan basket, ruler, scissors, needle and thread, scraper board, powder cake bag, plate buckle pliers…Twenty or thirty articles of domestic needlework were crowded noisily into the basket.Because of the years, the bottom of the basket some wear and tear, careful Zhang Yaqin with tape to do repair.”Small sewing bag, revolutionary heirloom, when the Red Army climbed the snow-capped mountains, with it to repair cotton-padded jacket…”This is a popular children’s song in the 1960s.Zhang Yaqin said that her sewing bag is also a worthy “family heirloom”, from her grandmother to her mother, and then to her hands, it has been a hundred years.Zhang Yaqin said that her father’s hometown is in Gulin Zhangs, and her grandmother is an ordinary rural woman, who has always retained the family tradition of frugality and virtue.Grandma with a pair of industrious and tough hands, made straw MATS, straw hats, grass fans, spinning fabric, planting crops, do needlework, raising children.Zhang Yaqin’s mother is an ordinary worker in the cloth factory. After receiving the sewing bag from her mother-in-law, she collected all the tools in the bag and added a book containing paper-cut shoes of different sizes and styles (old Ningbo is called the square book).”I will always remember the scene in front of the lamp with my mother on the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve, busy making new clothes for my younger brothers and sisters.”Zhang Yaqin’s family of seven siblings, she is the eldest daughter, at that time poor material life difficult, they only have the New Year round on a set of homemade new clothes.Each time they presented the lacquer sewing bag, the children were in ecstasies, looking forward to a good New Year.”Ningbo says, ‘The new university, the old two, broken three’, is relying on this stitch stitch, we live a frugal life.”When did Zhang Yaqin get this sewing bag?In the last month of 1972, her mother worked day and night to make a wedding dress for young Zhang Yaqin. On the day of her wedding, she gave her sewing bag which she had used for decades to her.”I know my mother wants me to be thrifty and carry on the family tradition.”With a family of her own, Zhang Yaqin has never abandoned her sewing bag, and the level of sewing is constantly improving. The clothes mended by her hand do not leave any traces of old, as if they were new.At a time when quilt covers are popular, she still keeps the tradition of turning over the quilt head.Two years ago, her husband’s down jacket was broken, and the price of outside sewing was too high, so Zhang Yaqin manually restored it perfectly.”Some people say THAT I am a good wife and mother, some advise me to take good care of myself, and others say that I work hard and live a hard life. I know that I am industrious and thrifty in my life.”Zhang Yaqin said.Nowadays, although the lacquer sewing bag has lost luster because of years, it is still very energetic.Every time zhang takes out a sewing bag to mend socks, gloves and other small items, she tells her children stories about aging. She also plans to pass on the sewing bag as a “family heirloom” to the next generation.”My son and daughter-in-law also like this old object. They think it embodies the family tradition of raising morality and being thrifty, and our family will pass it on from generation to generation.”Photo by Teng Huawen