Study in Italy | What is pre-registration?When should I do it?

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Even though COVID-19 is spreading around the world, it cannot stop students from making up their minds to study in Italy.From 2021, pre-registration will be changed to online application submission. Students no longer need to go to their respective districts to submit materials face to face, which is more convenient and fast under the current epidemic control.Italian universities are required to undergo a pre-registration process, which is done through Uni-Italia, an official non-profit institution established by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Education, interior and the Italy-China Foundation.Pre-registration means that students submit materials to the embassy/consulate in their own territory before registering for the university, and occupy a major seat in the university in advance. After successful pre-registration, the students have been “conditionally admitted” to the university.Students then travel to Italy to take an entrance exam, pass the exam and register for admission.For some majors at public universities, students can apply online in advance to get an offer.That is to say, students who have obtained the offer through online application in advance, as long as your school major is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education, need to pre-register.Starting in 2021, both international and planned students will participate in online pre-registration.Students need to submit a pre-registration application on the UNIVERSITALY website, fill in all the relevant information, and after the pre-registration application is approved, they will receive a formal confirmation receipt from the Italian institution (Riepilogo), which they need to submit at the visa stage.International students should submit their application for pre-registration before July 31, 2021 according to the official requirements of the Italian Education Center.Students who plan to register for the 10-month Italian program should submit their pre-registration application by 27 August 2021;Students who are enrolled in the 11-month Italian program must submit their pre-registration application by 31 July 2021.Policies vary from year to year and pre-registration times may change.Marco Polo Undergraduate: High school diploma with a score of over 400Art test score conversion ÷2≥400 International students: there is no score requirement for the college entrance examination results (except Shanghai district, Chongqing District, but this year chongqing District no longer announces the score requirements, the college entrance examination scores need to be verified with the education center separately)Original and copy of passport 2. Two-inch certificate with white background 3. Graduation Certificate of Primary, Junior and senior High School/proof of 12-year complete schooling 4.1. Original and copy of passport 2. Two-inch id photo with white background 3.4 years of university complete transcript 4. Complete course description 5. Bachelor degree certificate leading area division pre-registration of four leading areas, respectively Beijing leading area, Shanghai leading area, Guangzhou leading area and Chongqing leading area.Students can determine the district according to their hukou location, which district you belong to the Italian education center of the skill district pre-registration.Beijing Beijing, tianjin, hebei, henan, shandong, shanxi, shaanxi, hubei, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, ningxia hui autonomous region, gansu province, qinghai province, xinjiang uygur autonomous region, Tibet autonomous region in Shanghai Shanghai, jiangsu, anhui, zhejiang guangzhou of guangdong province, hunan province,Jiangxi province, Fujian Province, Guangxi Province, Hainan Province Chongqing, Sichuan Province, Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province Note: Pre-registration is required for accredited public universities.Pre-registration does not mean formal admission to the university. Formal admission requires students to pass an entrance examination and meet the university’s admission requirements.Some private universities also require pre-registration for accredited programs (such as Bocconi University and Sacre Coeur Catholic University), while non-degree programs do not require pre-registration.You cannot change your major after pre-registration.Our service for 12 years in Italy visa application and experience of more than 600 Italian famous successful cases past students 100% through domestic language level monitoring, the Chinese and foreign famous Italian grade examination recruit students, build high quality learning environment provide housing in Italy prove, to help the students rent for student CARDS, bank CARDS, residence CARDS, and other formalities about meWe have been focusing on providing students with the recommendation of foreign universities, major planning, interviews with overseas students and so on.Covering English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean and other more than 10 countries of language, professional, study abroad and art training services.Do you have any questions about learning a small language?Address: Room 213, 2nd Floor, Dongmen Education and Training Building, Central China Normal University Metro: Line 2, Huquan Station, Exit A, 300 meters ahead bus: Zhuodao Quannan Land Rover Quantel: 13307128126 (same wechat number) Scan the following QR code to get more information about studying abroad!