Reporters from around the world: People in Kiev are running out of supplies inside the city

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Kiev, February 26 (Xinhua)With tensions rising in Ukraine, residents of the capital Kiev have been urged to seek shelter in subway stations and bomb shelters, with many opting to leave the city.Lu Jinbo, a reporter from The Minsk bureau of Xinhua News Agency, who has worked in Asia and Europe for many years and has reported in Ukraine twice, arrived in Kiev late at night on Thursday after driving through a customs checkpoint and overcoming numerous difficulties including road closure and bridge explosion.What did this reporter experience on the streets of Kiev on March 25?In the morning, while sleeping, I was woken up by a colleague from The Kiev bureau of Xinhua News Agency knocking on the door. “Hurry up, hurry up, and go to the bomb shelter!”On the same day, The city of Kiev again asked residents to take refuge in the nearest air defense facilities as soon as possible, because of the explosion of residential buildings.Pick up the camera, computer, power bank and other equipment, we immediately set out.When we got downstairs, the housekeeper girl saw us carrying our bags and asked us urgently, “Are we leaving Kiev?If so, can we go together?”I replied, “We’re definitely not leaving at this point.”People ride a bus before leaving Kiev, Ukraine, On Feb. 25.Walking on the road, they found pedestrians with suitcases everywhere, they walked and reached out to the car, ready to leave the city.Arriving at Arsenal Station, where we were taking refuge, I found a crowd of people with luggage gathered at the entrance.It turned out that this was one of the gathering points out of the city, where many people were waiting for vehicles to leave.I saw nearly 20 people in one of the 9-seater minivans.It’s hard to get a seat out of town, so to speak.People take shelter at a subway station in Kiev, Ukraine, On Feb. 25.After connecting reporters and other work in the branch, I drove to the gas station. When I arrived, THERE was no long line.But upon inquiry, it was revealed that both 95 and 92 were out of gas…”Do you know where the gas station around here has gas number 95?”I asked.The answer I got was, “That question is too difficult.”I had to check a map on my phone and go up and down the street, only to find that most of the gas stations were closed.Photo taken on Feb. 25 shows an empty street in Kiev, Ukraine.It was getting late. I went back to the small supermarket near the branch office to buy dinner. When I entered, I found the shelves of drinking water empty.A local elder brother hugged the yogurt and told me warmly, “There are still some things, quickly choose!”When I went to the bread aisle, I found the bread had been sold out.There would be bread, the security guard told me, “but come as soon as the store opens”.Finally, I picked out the last few sausages and the last few bottles of milk.Swipe card at checkout, one brush, two brush, three brush is still not successful.The clerk told me: “You have a Card from Belarus, we can’t use it…”Forget it. I’m not buying it.Building tube walked back to the branch, I knock glass call building tube open the door, left knock right knock no figure.At that moment, an old man walking his dog in the building came back and opened the door for me.After entering the door, grandpa looked for the building tube little girl, but could not find it.I said the building tube may go, ask him: “the building tube all go, you don’t go?”The old man was excited, lifted his clothes and said, “Look!”I fixed a look, pistol!He took the full clip from his waist and showed me the bullet.A long queue of cars is seen in Kiev, Ukraine, On Feb. 24.”I still hope the situation will work out for the better, so that people can live comfortably in Ukraine,” Anastasia, an art worker, told The reporters. “We all believe and wish for the best…I plan to stay in Ukraine.”(Editing: Yujue Wang;Editor: Wang Fengfeng, Jin Zheng, Wang Shen) Produced by The International Department of Xinhua News Agency