Gao Gan article: “deep bone marrow: president chase wife, chase a send a” person set su fried, dog food tube full!

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Recently, many fans have reflected that they do not know what books to read, and unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage. As an old fan, xiaobian also feels the same way.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Gao Gan article: “deep bone marrow: president chase wife, chase a send a” person set su fried, dog food tube full!At dusk, there was a lively and lovely little girl about five years old in the zhenglidian dormitory staring at a picture on the wall, with a pair of good-looking dimples hanging on her sweet and round face.A pair of watery beautiful big eyes turn from time to time, show a clever and naughty strength, right now there is a beautiful woman from outside the hall toward the bedroom inside walked in, fixed eye a look, so she is the empress of Cao Danshu, the wife of Emperor Zhao Zhen.Empress Cao is a good looking and talented elite girl, her father is known as the Prime minister of the Dynasty Cao Qi, she was born of a well-known family, elegant and generous in the harem is the emperor’s good wife.At that time, Empress Cao saw the little girl staring at the picture and smiled at her and said, “Zhihan, what are you looking at?So fascinated.””I am in the edge close farming busy” author: if I for the book into the pit guide: she this pair of comfortable small appearance, caused the house of several servant girls are hot eyes, looked at each other, all secretly laugh.Finally, only left a half qin in the house to help xiao Yuqi fan, the rest of the automatic deference back.Drink juice to drink the joy of Xiao Yuqi also did not find, such as her a spirit drink juice left next cup, eyes turned in an instant by the table of two stacks of dim sum attracted.A pile of green squares, no wider than three fingers of his own and no higher than one, with little pastes of patterned patterns on them;A pile of tender and tender as petals layer upon layer, looking at soft and delicious, delicate and lovely, can call oneself a little flower bone;Xiao Yuqi has never seen such a good thing ah!She thought it was such a good thing that few people, not even the lords and powerhouses outside Of Junk-star, had ever eaten.Anyway, since you’re so greedy, eat first.Stretch out small fat hand, Xiao Yuqi left and right open bow, one hand, left and right open chew.”Well, that’s seven…”.Small mouth Barry bag full dim sum, that taste, that sweet, Xiao Yuqi feel, the little thing in the hand.It was really the most delicious food she had ever eaten in her life, a thousand times more delicious than the chocolate-flavored nutrient solution she had ever found.”Deep bone marrow: president chase his wife, chase a send a” author: Xiao Xueyun into the pit guide: Gao Gan article: “deep bone marrow: president chase his wife, chase a send a” person set Su fried, dog food tube full!Lu Jinyan did not expect that Lu Jingli will suddenly look back, left hand to take back it is too late, Lu Jingli firmly hold her hand, two people to a reverse, this lu Jinyan was under the body!”Lu Jingli, what are you doing? Let go of me!Geun-yeon struggled, but how could she make it?”Good you Lu Jinyan, confession so perfunctory!”Lu Jingli broke off her left hand, which was dense with one mass, “You even made a draft?””Someone…I’m telling you, I just…It’s just an act, our school’s final play, and I’m just rehearsing with you!”Lu Jinyan embarrassingly big, simply clenched teeth do not admit!That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments