Why bingxin is not popular in literati circles?Even his grandson wrote on his tombstone, “I am a human being.”

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Human beings are social, so they care about daily interactions so as not to fall into the embarrassing situation of having no one.But there was a writer who made enemies everywhere, almost offended more than half of the celebrities in the contemporary society, causing a lot of abuse.Even her relatives are full of hostility to her, after her death, they wrote disparaging words on her tombstone, she is Bing Xin.Born in 1900 to a wealthy family in Fuzhou, Fujian province, Bing Xin was fond of literature at an early age and had already read many classics by the age of seven.At the age of 11, she entered a Western women’s school. In 1918, she was admitted to The Union Women’s University, where she founded a literary club with like-minded classmates and created several works successively, making her debut in the literary world.In 1923, Bing Xin went to Wellesley College in the United States for further study. After returning to China, she taught at Yenching University and Tsinghua University.In 1929, Bing Xin met wu Wenzao, the love of her life. After they got married together, bing Xin went to Europe to investigate. After absorbing a large amount of advanced literary theory knowledge, she wrote articles such as “Returning to the South” and translated foreign classics extensively, which caused a great shock among intellectuals.Many people praised her as a talented woman, whose fame and status rivaled that of China’s top writers.However, this did not make Bing Xin’s future brighter, but caused a lot of criticism.Lu Xun once criticized her in a letter to a friend, saying that her words were too grandiose and pretentious, and that the contents of her articles seemed to reflect deep social contradictions and provoke reflection, but actually they were only superficial.In some aspects of the cognition is even wrong, easy to lure readers astray.Lin Huiyin also despise bing Xin, on the one hand, bing Xin had been in her love with Xu Zhimo many times advised her timely withdrawal, do not fall into the trap of cheating and playing with women’s feelings of man weaving, but she thinks bing Xin is in his love to impose on others.On the other hand, Lin huiyin believes that Bing Xin’s literary attains are very high, and that the words of talented women are all touted by the audience.Writers often visited Lin’s home to exchange ideas, but Lin never invited Bing Xin.As time passed, Bing Xin was also unhappy and wrote an article satirizing Lin Huiyin as a vase for people to watch.After Lin Huiyin learned of this matter, he sent Bing Xin a pot of vinegar, suggesting that she is full of jealous “lemon essence”.Bing Xin puts her energy into creation all the year round, ignoring the discipline of her son Wu Ping, causing him to be undisciplined and irresponsible.Wu Ping and Chen Lingxia became husband and wife after adulthood, but never care for the family, but often complain that his wife did not do the duty of supporting husband and raising children.Chen Lingxia intolerable, several times and Wu Ping outbreak fierce dispute, the final separation of two.Before long, Wu Ping unwilling to be lonely, find another love unexpectedly, Chen Lingxia after hearing the news of acute fire attack heart suffered from vicious disease.Son Wu Shan begged Wu Ping to take some property to cure Chen Lingxia, Wu Ping rejected, constantly forced Chen Lingxia divorce procedures as soon as possible.Wu Shan was so angry that he sued Wu Ping, but lost.This makes Wu shan even angrier, and he thinks the reason for all this is that bing Xin, a grandmother, dotes on her father wu Ping.So in 2012, he went to bing Xin’s tomb and wrote down eight characters on the tombstone, “No way to teach a son, waste human expression”, in order to vent his dissatisfaction.After the incident spread, everyone accused Wu Shan of extreme behavior and disrespect for the dead.Wu Shan also gradually realized the mistake, he specially held a press conference to apologize, and in the public witness, personally will bingxin tombstone paint wash clean, the absurd farce from family tragedy, so far came to an end.Any writer has his or her own style and viewpoint and cannot simply comment on the merits or demerits. Bing Xin’s inclusion in the history of modern literature has proved her literary level.As for her son’s family tragedy, she should be partly responsible, but it is not the culprit. Wu Shan-li, grandson of Wu Shan-li, used proper channels to express his legitimate demands, instead of venting his rage on a respectable old man who had passed away.Here, we also hope that wu Ping and Chen Lingxia can have a perfect ending, do not let more people involved, hurt!