Warm Spring Festival: Hunan Family Planning Association carries out visits and condolence activities during the Spring Festival

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Recently, the Family Planning Association of Hunan Province carried out visits to families with family planning difficulties during the Spring Festival to send New Year greetings and convey the care of the Party and the government.Hunan Provincial Family Planning Association issued a notice, requiring all levels of family planning association during the New Year’s day, the Spring Festival to carry out visits and condolence activities, through village visits, policy propaganda, spiritual consolation, send condolence goods and money, send health knowledge and other forms, visit and condolence to families with special family planning, family planning difficulties.Provincial family planning association also unified the purchase of condolence materials distributed to the cities and states.Since early January, the family planning associations of Hunan province, cities, counties and townships have carried out extensive visits led by party and government leaders and their chairmen to understand the production, life and health of the victims in detail, coordinate and help them solve difficulties in time, and wish them a happy New Year.As of January 21, the provincial family planning association at all levels visited more than 50,000 people with family planning difficulties, and distributed condolence materials with a cumulative value of more than 10 million yuan.What is the current situation of the epidemic in China?What is the cost-benefit ratio of China’s “zero tolerance” prevention and control policy?As the Spring Festival is approaching, how to do a good job in prevention and control at the community level to ensure people’s safety during the holiday?Here comes the definitive answer!2022-01-24 When the reform is carried out affection-Ji ‘an, Jiangxi Province article: The reform leads the empowered family planning association system to break cocoon reshaping 2022-01-24 our 2021 Affection-Fujian Province Family planning Association 20212022-01-24 source: Hunan Province family planning Association contribute email: cfpa529@163.com