Entertainment | “extremely island forest” Chen travel one month Scrapping plate exposure little habits

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Chen Bolin explores the land in Polar Island Forest.(Photo /LINE TV) LINE TV’s original new reality exploration program “Polar Island Forest”, led by Chen Bolin, the main soul character, and his four celebrity friends, embark on a one-month journey with Afuri, a cute Shiba Inu traveling companion, to learn how to coexist with nature.With the arrival of Arbor Day, Chen Bolin also hopes to make efforts for environmental protection with everyone. He wants to spread the knowledge related to plant and ecological protection more widely through the program, hoping to let everyone to re-understand this land.LINE TV took the opportunity to unpack Chen’s hiking bag and find out more about his camping style.Chen and his Shiba inu companion Afuri embark on a month-long journey.(Photo /LINE TV) Chen Bailin and Afuri experience camping in the wild.(Photo /LINE TV) Water bottle, headlamp, scrapping board and other items carried by Chen Bailin.(Photo /LINE TV) The first thing Chen took out of her bag was a headlamp for lighting at night, as well as sunglasses to shade the sun, environmental-friendly cutlery, cups, water bottles and other basic equipment. Chen said that if she is hiking and camping, she is definitely a simple person.In addition, he also shared the gifts he received in the program, one of the guests brought a scrapping board to give him. It was accidentally revealed that Chen Bolin liked to scrape himself to relieve fatigue when he experienced long distance travel, laughing that this thing was very needed for him.Chen Bailin, the soul character of Polar Island Forest.In “Polar Island Forest”, Chen Bolin only has a budget of 2,000 yuan for each trip. Although he does not limit travel expenses in private, he also has some financial tips. He believes that good things can stand the test of time, and using all things continuously is one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and simple ways.Chen bolin learned from his travels and also revealed that he would like to be a backpacker in the future, traveling to Cuba or Egypt to experience new landscapes.