New Year go basic | barracks New Year do what?Let’s go and have a look

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Chinese netizens on Feb. 4 (reporter zhao na correspondent Yang Zhong must resign, wei kun, Cui Wangang) spirit out and dancing New Year, have a family reunion on this day, to create a comfortable and happy New Year, strategy to help with a character of military camp culture, arouse the enthusiasm of officers and soldiers, and actively meet the arrival of the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger in his own way.Before the New Year, the officers and men pasted Spring Festival couplets, hung lanterns, pulled colorful flags, pasted the word “fu” and ran board newspapers, busy scenes, bursts of laughter, gave the camp a festive “new clothes”, a strong “New Year flavor” in the barracks, so that the officers and men are more happy to welcome the arrival of the New Year.With the blessing of all officers and soldiers, the New Year activities officially began, we took a variety of festive items issued the most sincere blessing.With the blessing of “the year of the Tiger”, the officers and men exulted with joy and sent out the joy of looking forward to the New Year.Together package reunion dumplings “dough round stick under the flat, chopsticks to fill the filling.Exquisitely pleated, thin skin filling cauldron does not stick.”Small formula, big experience.New Year’s Eve afternoon, on duty cadres and soldiers and to the team’s family members to make dumplings pattern show.Activity spot, the officers and men try ceaselessly, active exchange, package gave another “friendship dumpling, hometown dumpling, culture dumpling and combat dumpling” scene laughter, witnessed them to enhance friendship, burst of emotion, exchange the moving moment of culture.Watching the Spring Festival Gala is naturally one of the most important activities on New Year’s Eve, officers and soldiers far away from home through watching the Spring Festival Gala and their families and hometown in the spiritual level of coexistence.The Spring Festival Gala, carrying the collective memory of the Chinese people, is like a time capsule, full of memories, the laughter of the officers and soldiers cover up the missing of home.Silent dedication to keep an anning family is not round, thousands of yuan, New Year’s Eve is the most looking forward to every Chinese day of the year, is also the most important festival, at this time, thousands of lights dim, family reunion.In order to let the officers and soldiers can put into the auspicious atmosphere of the New Year, so that the officers and soldiers feel the warmth and happiness of the army family, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, all the cadres of the department went to the sentry on duty shousui.Through this simple and warm way, let the officers and men spend an unforgettable and beautiful Spring Festival.Long dancing dragon.Colorful activities make the Spring Festival, “thousands of lights, someone silently watch” the officers and soldiers of the department dance up the long dragon, meaning the New Year dragon teng Hu Yue, better and better.Quilt making contest.Featured internal affairs competition, quilt making competition, not only can activate the festive atmosphere and improve the officers and soldiers of the festival internal affairs.Pull together in a tug of war.A rope, pulled out the soldiers high morale, pulled out the team invincible combat, but also pulled out the comrades between the unity and forge ahead, never give up the heart.A family is not round, the people’s happiness and peace is the soldiers’ most sincere New Year wishes!(Photography by Elaine Dai)