Li Xiaopeng first change array, one breath to replace five people, Dai Weijun failed to naturalize only Jiang Guangtai

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Tonight at 18 o ‘clock Beijing time, The Chinese men’s football team and the Japanese national team’s twelve strong match will officially start, the national football team has just officially announced the game’s starting eleven people’s list, because of wang Dalei’s injury, Li Xiaopeng chose to continue to use Yan Junling as the starting goalkeeper.He also made a huge adjustment in the defensive line, Zhang Linpeng returned to his most familiar right back position, Wang Shanchao played the left back, and Zheng Zheng, Zhu Chenjie and Jiang Guangtai played a three-center defensive system.Obviously, the starting point of Li Xiaopeng in this game is still based on defense. After all, from the strength comparison of the two sides, this slightly conservative choice is understandable.In the midfield position, xu Xin, who has performed well before, will still appear in the starting lineup. He will partner with Wu Xi as the back of the midfield, while Hao Junmin will appear in the forward position, playing the role of the midfield organizer. As for the attack line, Li Xiaopeng will continue to choose the combination of Zhang Yuning and Wu Lei.The squad as a whole, Li Xiaopeng, is a close to 5-3-2 or 5-3-2 formation, this is the first game after Li Xiaopeng coaching the team’s, coincides with near the lunar 25 year again at the same time, this time if the team’s eat next defeat, will hurt the team morale, with the fans at this time with a more stable team,Li Xiaopeng is also made the most correct choice, but in the midfield position, he gave up naturalized player Dai Weijun, is the biggest failure of this lineup.Although Dai Weijun age is not big, but he has been in the Chinese super league to prove himself, proving inconclusive properties, let him become the team’s comprehensive strength of the strongest man in midfield, compared to junmin hao, personally think Li Xiaopeng should use flushing Dai Weijun first in the first half, the older junmin hao as a team to use for the cause.However, in such a short training conditions, the team has just experienced the storm of changing the head coach, Li Xiaopeng can take over the team under such a premise, and send such a reasonable lineup, it is not easy things, here also look forward to tonight’s match, the National football team soldiers can play the style of Chinese football.