Horizon fly, boy on the ice

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Fly, snow and ice on the young Zhao Guopeng documentary “Yellow River children to welcome the Winter Olympics to celebrate the New Year” (Lanzhou) During the Spring Festival along the Yellow River nine provincial capital city TV stations broadcast simultaneously.This is my second time as a director to participate in the shooting of the Spring Festival special program for the capital cities of nine provinces and regions along the Yellow River.In recent years, it is a common way of cross-regional cooperation of traditional media to carry out the joint broadcasting of TV programs with a common geographical attribute (or cultural identity) as the link.Of course, cooperation can maximize the efficiency of communication, but in fact, in this process, each channel is secretly “competing”.Presenting the best urban style and cultural characteristics in the program has become the task that the creators rack their brains to complete.When I received the task, the leading planning colleagues told me that the theme of this year’s program is “Yellow River children welcome the Winter Olympics, joyfully welcome the New Year”.For this theme, I am a little worried, in Lanzhou, what to shoot?The turning point came at the planning meeting.We came across two pieces of information: in 2019, gansu Province established the winter Sports Management Center, gansu Province cross-country skiing and biathlon teams, and built a new national snowsports training base;Lanzhou Qinghua Primary School has a student ski team that has won third place in national competitions.We quickly made contact with our subjects on both sides, who were uncharacteristically enthusiastic.Although they didn’t start shooting, I could already feel their love for ice sports.Isn’t that what we’re talking about in this show?Filming as always adhere to our style – documentary with filming.On January 5, the crew arrived at the Baiyin National Snowsports training base in Gansu Province.Although I have imagined many times, when facing the winding white track in the golden mountains, when those slender athletes flew past us, the indescribable shock was still filled in the hearts of everyone in the film crew.Wang Zhirong, the coach of the Gansu Biathlon team.He is sincere and talkative, which is undoubtedly the best choice for the protagonist.At the top of the track, wearing goggles, Wang Zhirong explained to the host that the training ground was built by Gansu province in response to the national strategy of “expanding south, expanding west and advancing East”.The technical standard is in accordance with the technical specification of the International Ski Federation, which belongs to the first-class level in China.The longer the sunlight, the longer the effective training.The altitude is very good for endurance.The day’s training is drawing to a close.Young athletes make their final spurts on the orange-colored track as the sun sets.Looking at their “maneuver as quick as an image”, colleagues Hao Bing and Zhao Haowei are reluctant to turn off the machine, kept shooting.Wang Zhirong corrected his movements and said to us, “Our coaches and athletes can only spend the Spring Festival here this year.”Children are hard-working and intelligent.I believe their figure will appear in the winter Olympics in the future…After school on the afternoon of January 6, the camera crew arrived at Lanzhou Qinghua Primary School as agreed in advance.According to the plan, the ski team will rush to the ice and snow athletes training center in Lanzhou New Area, 50 kilometers away.In the car, a lovely little girl huqi in the window, with tender pen write: meet 2022.The teacher who went with him said he was in third grade and loved to ski.I do not know who started the head, the children sang together: a Yellow River carrying the soul of China from generation to generation flowing through the ages……White doves, which warm the winter and keep peace, fly happily…The children’s eyes were clear and transparent, and their pure songs passed out of the car window and echoed in the vast wilderness of the north.Not far away, the field is covered with snow.By the time I got to the training center, it was getting late.The children scrambled to help the adults carry the equipment.In addition to skiing equipment, there is a stove.Zhang Xiaorui, the head of the group, told us that in order to save money, some parents would come to the training as volunteers to cook for the children and manage logistics.The second floor of the training center is divided into two zones, with a dining area on the left and a rest area with tents on the right.Packed up, the parents have started to prepare dinner: dumplings.The children gathered separately and listened to the winter Olympics knowledge and performances explained by the coach in the center.It was like a relaxing family gathering.It was almost nine o ‘clock when dinner began.At the dinner table, Zhang Xiaorui told us: this is the only ski school team in Lanzhou Chengguan District.The children’s passion for skiing was beyond her expectations.In March 2021, at their own expense, they went to Wanlong Ski Resort in Chongli, which is 1,500 kilometers away (one of the venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics) to participate in wanlong Genting, the final race of the National Fixed-point Ski Open.Eight children from Qinghua Primary School, as the only team from Gansu Province, won the third place.The dumplings are particularly fragrant, said photographer Zhao Haowei, taking off his headphones.The next morning at 7 a.m., the children all get up, after a simple breakfast, the day of intense training began.Wearing equipment, warm-up activities, dragging up the mountain……The children moved with great ease.It was their first alpine ski training across the flag gate.Standing at the very top of the course, at the sound of the instructor’s command, they filed down the nearly 30-degree slope, passing in a beautiful arc through flag gate after flag gate, and disappearing down the hill a few hundred meters away.”I like to fly.”Before we left, the 12-year-old boy turned his head and told me.The wind was strong at the top of the mountain, and Zhang stood silently at the back of the group.She was an early advocate of ski teams and wants to see them get back on track before she retires.At noon, when the rest of the descent, the tow broke down, Zhang Xiaorui limped down the mountain with us from the top of the hundreds of meters.She accidentally sprained her ankle this morning.After shooting for two hours in the afternoon, we left early because we had another shoot to do.When I looked back to see my children again, I saw four or five parents standing in front of the French window on the second floor of the training center.Right in their eyes were the track where the children were training and the flying figures…”Reluctant to cut it off” is one of my favorite words when I see my colleague Hao Bing working in front of the cutting desk.I asked him what he was going to do for the last frame.He said, using the aerial shot of the children cheering en masse on the ski slopes.In the background, they shout: Welcome the Winter Olympics and celebrate the Chinese New Year.[This article with the picture of “Yellow River children to welcome the Winter Olympics jubilant New Year” (Lanzhou) still]