Gu Ailing picks silver!Next, who will she face in halfpipe?

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China Economic Weekly – Economic Network news (reporter Sun Xiaomeng) On February 15, Beijing Winter Olympic Games women’s freestyle skiing slopestyle final, Gu Ailing won the silver medal with 86.23 points.Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland finished 0.33 points behind Kellie Hildaru of Estonia.After Gu won the gold medal in the freestyle big jump event on Feb 8, she raised the public’s expectations for her other competitions.As a matter of fact, gu Was relatively weak in the big platform, and this gold medal makes the public expect gu’s main event, freestyle skiing halfpipe competition, and Gu is currently ranked first in the halfpipe event FIS (International Snow Federation).According to Sohu Sports, the official website of the International Snow Federation praised Gu Ailing, “In the 2021-2022 World Cup, Gu Ailing from China completed the greatest performance of the Women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing World Cup and won the first crystal Cup of her career.The Beijing Daily reported in March 2021 that Cathy Sharp and Rachel Kark of Canada are strong rivals for Gu’s halfpipe title.Sharp, the 2018 PyeongChang Gold medallist, is known for her 1,260 twist on the halfpipe, a feat no other woman has yet managed in competition.But at last year’s IAF Halfpipe World Cup in Calgary, Sharp missed all three dives.Estonian skier Kylie Hildaru is also a rival. As the X Games champion in 2020, Hildaru can complete three 900 turns in one set, becoming the youngest X Games champion at the age of 13.Sildaru and Gu are both talented girls in freestyle skiing, but Sildaru came to fame earlier and also lost the prize.Gu won the halfpipe event at mammoth Mountain in January, but Kelly Hildaru won slopestyle.Second on the list is Britain’s Zoe Atkin, who was third in the halfpipe event in Pyeongchang.Atkin finished third with 90.50 points at the Halfpipe World Cup in Aspen last March, followed by Rachel Kark with 91.75 points and Gu with 93 points, Xinhua reported.Atkin reached the final of the IAF World Cup in Calgary at the end of last year, but did not compete due to injury.According to a report by Sohu Sports on December 11 last year, Rachel Karke of Canada ranked the third place in the halfpipe of the World Cup in Copper Hill of the United States with a gap of 0.5 points. Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the halfpipe with 90.05 points.Bronze Hill station is the third place of the Estonian gifted girl Hildaru above.Rachel Kark won the bronze medal at the IAF World Cup in Calgary.In addition to Gu Ailing, representing China in the halfpipe freestyle skiing event, there are Also Zhang Kexin, Li Fanghui, Wu Meng.Gu Ailing won the gold medal at last year’s IAF Halfpipe World Cup in Calgary with 96.80 points, followed by China’s Zhang Kexin with 89.20 points and Li Fanghui with 80.40 points, Beijing Daily reported.(Copyright belongs to China Economic Weekly magazine. Any media, website or individual shall not reprint, extract, link, repost or use in other ways without authorization.)