Durant said to keep Harden, again hinted that Irving shot, nets executives still want to move forward

2022-07-21 0 By

As the trade deadline approaching, the NBA began active trading market, began trading is the first trail blazers and clippers, Conrad injured starting in star striker choose bad tax breaks the absence of the blazers, the clippers in George and Leonard had a chance to return to continue reinforcing team for a rainy day.Multiple teams are also reviewing the past half of the season, and most of the players they don’t like will be traded. The Two New York teams are clearly unhappy with their franchise players, the Nets want harden, and the Knicks want Randle.According to NBA famous journalists, Sam says the nets trade management to harden open attitude, as long as there is appropriate chips will deal, after 76 people get the news started negotiations with the nets, they come up with the team of simmons, Harris, sable, maxi and Seth garage and puts forward several schemes to trade as a precondition,The Nets accept those simmons – themed assets, but also want some first-rounders.The Nets gave away a lot of first-round picks when they acquired Harden last season, so they want to use some of those first-round picks for later trades.According to the reporter said, the deal is not about running he proposed to the management, but the nets absolutely top after collective discussion, even though they are not in a hurry to harden trading, but have the right buyers can also be traded, this time listen to other team thoroughly hurt to harden.Harden himself wants to stay, he’s just not happy with the team’s rotation at this stage, he’s still confident about the Nets’ championship prospects.Durant also responded to harden’s trade rumors, saying he wants Harden to stay in Brooklyn, he wants to play with harden, and he wants everyone in the Nets to be as desperate as he is to win a championship and play as hard as he does.The reporter who claimed That Durant wanted Harden to stay was ESPN Wojden, which is highly credible, and Durant also knows that the Nets would have a harder time without Harden, and might not even make the playoffs.Once again, Durant hinted that Kyrie would play hard, that kyrie would get vaccinated and become a full-time player, and that Durant had made it clear that he would not try to persuade Kyrie to get vaccinated.No one in the Nets except Harden dared to criticize Irving or say anything about the vaccine. Only Harden dared to say anything. Only Harden made it clear that he wanted irving to get it.The nets trade harden the reason is that the health risks management are given, think harden’s injury will affect the team, harden’s long ball game let Nash and the other players are very afflictive, harden’s long ball with durant and Owen’s style is not compatible, a lot of running at the same time adjust the lineup not present will be temporary, temporary adjustment according to harden.Basically, the front office decided harden wasn’t compatible with the team, didn’t fit with Irving Durant, couldn’t play 40 minutes a game and had to trade him.Much of Harden’s frustration came from Nash, who he blamed for his frustration on Nash’s constant rotation and lack of a consistent lineup.Now that the nets’ management is blaming Harden for the fact that Nash has been traded, they’re choosing to keep Nash, they’re choosing to keep Irving, and harden is the victim, and harden will be traded.The Nets also know which irving or Harden has the highest trade value, so the only way to avoid taxes and get other assets is to trade Harden.The 76ers are now offering the Nets multiple options, and even though Durant is blocking them and Durant has made it clear that he wants to keep Harden, the nets’ front office is still in trade talks, and Gm Mark and owner Joe Tsai are still willing to trade Harden.Building a championship team around Durant again after trading Harden.