Straight cut?Li Qin: ever interact with Yang Yang frequently, after with Deng Lun, xiao Zhan spread gossip

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Straight cut?Li Qin: ever interact with Yang Yang frequently, after with Deng Lun, xiao Zhan spread gossip do you know?Please don’t remit money to strangers on the ATM because Of Li Qin, who remitted her salary from four years of filming a Dream of Red Mansions to a swindler.At that time, the swindler pretended to be a friend for many years, and claimed that it was an elder in the family who was seriously ill and lacked medical expenses, so Li Qin did not hesitate to remit the remuneration.Li Qin how also did not think, money just remit out, cheater screened her, she so became the object of fraud, in order to prevent again like Li Qin to be cheated, the bank immediately put forward new rules, so each cash machine is much this line of words, do not give strangers remittance.Some people feel doubt, why Li Qin so easy to believe others, in the final analysis and her pure growth environment has a very big relationship.In 2004, Li Qin was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy due to her excellent appearance and talent. At that time, she was also the target of cultivation. It is difficult to become a famous actress, so Li Qin attracted great attention.During the school period, all the teachers have carried on the strict education to Li Qin, because Li Qin inherits the mantle of Kunqu opera, the teachers are very optimistic about her.At that time, Li Qin’s facial features are very delicate, and there is a pair of bright and vivid eyes, to speak also Hugh, in line with all the characteristics of opera actress.Meanwhile, the good miao child that Li Qin is this drama flower Dan also is by “dream of red mansions” play crew takes a fancy to, it is kunqu heir at the same time, it is to be chosen by play crew at the same time become “dream of red mansions” in Xue Baochai candidate.20 years just appear such a talent, the teacher of drama institute is reluctant to put her to go of course, and at that time Li Qin chooses to join “dream of red chamber” play crew, stay in big view garden everyday they are almost isolated with the outside world.It is also because of this reason, Li Qin’s contact with the society is very little, it led to her being cheated of all the film pay, after being cheated of Li Qin also long lessons, now she no matter where to let the assistant follow, is afraid that they will be cheated again because of softhearted.How sweet were Yang Yang and Li Qin?The two have been photographed next to each other and snuggled up to each other. When they hang out together, they have to keep their fingers locked and shoulder to shoulder.The two met in a new Dream of Red Mansions, where Yang played jia Baoyu as an adult and Li qin as Xue Baochai as a teenager. They rarely acted together, but nothing interfered with their sweet interaction.When two people associate at the beginning, the network is not as developed as now, they are each other’s first love in legend, the li Qin that learns kunqu opera from childhood is 19 years old at that time, and Yang Yang is 18 years old, two people are the age of the beginning of love.After a Dream of New Red Mansions, Yang Yang and Li Qin collaborated on several other films. They not only interacted frequently, but also traveled to the Huangpu River and celebrated the New Year together, which was extremely sweet.However, there was a strong background of Lin Shen later, Before Lin Shen appeared, the male leading role has always been played by Yang Yang, after he appeared, Yang Yang can only retire to the position of male number two.At that time Yang Yang and Li Qin’s age is still small, two people dare not rebel with the company, bearing pressure, Yang Yang or hard scalp play out, finally as a result of unfair treatment of the situation emerge in endless stream, Yang Yang had to cancel with the company.And Li Qin still stays in the company, what make a person unexpected is, fall in Yang Yang and company make break off circumstance, li Qin regards company force as hold in both hands one elder sister, still can stand out when Yang Yang bears big pressure.She doesn’t want to rub off on Yang, but to encourage her. In 2017, Three Lives Three Times three, starring Yang Mi and Mark Zhao, became a hit TV series, while Yang’s film version was widely mocked.At the press conference, Yang Yang expressed great pressure, even once choked up, then Li Qin immediately responded, cheer for Yang Yang, even after they parted ways, all will still send wishes on Yang Yang’s birthday every year, never dropped.No wonder Li Qin will become a lot of Yang Yang fans admitted the meaning of unforgettable, Li Qin and Deng Lun together?Recently, zhang Xiaohan, a well-known entertainer, reposted a pair of last year’s cartoons with the caption sanya has another pair.In the comments section, netizens pointed fingers at Deng and Li, saying they had also been photographed in Sanya and celebrated the New Year together last year.As early as 2020, netizens discovered that Deng Lun and Li Qin not only wore rings of the same style, but also posted similar copywriting on social media platforms.In addition, it seems that li Qin studio and Deng Lun studio’s avatar is also a couple. They also worked together in the variety show dad, Where are We Going? Many people think they are a perfect match for each other.However, deng’s studio posted a statement on Valentine’s Day this year, in a positive response to the two’s recent rumors.According to the document, Deng Is still single, which means he is not with Li Qin. Besides Deng, Li Qin and Xiao Zhan are also having frequent affairs during this period.Last year’s Xiao Zhan drama was released, Li Qin went to watch the drama, they also sat together for dinner, in this year’s new play “The sea in my dream”, the two also have cooperation.However, for the romance scandal, Xiao Zhanfang immediately issued a rumor, denied the love of the two people, some people feel doubt, no matter Yang Yang, Deng Lun or Xiao Zhan is the top flow male star, why many times in the storm of love scandal, Li Qin still can withdraw, does not affect the popularity of the road?In the final analysis or because Li Qin has a work to add support, Li Qin does not calculate flow, but a work has acting actress, everyone knows and remember her because of her work, not those lacy entertainment news.If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comments section.