The list of characteristic towns in Dalian in 2021 will be announced

2022-07-19 0 By

The reporter learned from the website of the municipal government that, in order to actively promote the construction of characteristic towns and townships in the city, according to the spirit of the “Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Dalian Municipal People’s Government on Promoting the Construction of Characteristic Towns and Townships” (the Big Political Office issued no. 71 in 2017), after the recommendation and application, classified review, field investigation, expert review,The Municipal government has determined that Santai Manchu Township of Wafangdian city and Guanglu Island Town of Changhai County will be featured towns of Dalian city in 2021, and hereby announce it.To carry out the construction and cultivation of characteristic towns at the municipal level is of great significance for promoting the construction of new-type urbanization, implementing the rural revitalization and innovation-driven strategy, and promoting the supply-side structural reform.Municipal government urged all localities and departments to strengthen organizational leadership, perfect the development plan, to speed up the industrial concentration, broaden the financing channels, industry sectors within the administrative areas established counterpart joint mechanism and strict responsibility system, formulate relevant preferential policies, optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure, integrate all kinds of agricultural funds, support the rapid growing characteristic of villages and towns.We will work hard to consolidate the foundation, strengthen weak links, and balance development, promote balanced development between urban and rural areas, and promote high-quality development of towns and townships with distinctive characteristics.Link: List of characteristic Towns in Dalian in 2021 (1) santai Manchu Township, Wafangdian City (ethnic characteristics, modern agriculture) (2) Guangludao Town, Changhai County (rural tourism, modern agriculture) peninsula Morning Post, 39 degrees video reporter Huang Fengtong