Hohhot: Strengthening epidemic prevention and control is by no means “lockdown”

2022-07-19 0 By

At today’s press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Hohhot (the tenth session), Wang Dawei, deputy Director of Hohhot CDC, introduced that nucleic acid testing and screening showed sporadic cases in society in recent rounds, indicating that there are still infected patients circulating in society.Therefore, on the one hand, Hohhot should continue to carry out nucleic acid testing, find all sporadic cases, centralized control.On the other hand, the Epidemic headquarters of Hohhot urged all organs, enterprises and public institutions of the city and all citizens to choose to work at home and online as far as possible, reduce mobility and do not go out if it is not necessary.At the same time, each community to strengthen access management, strict implementation of community control measures.However, the strengthening of management is by no means a lockdown of the city. The departments and industries that keep the city running and provide basic life support, such as water supply, power supply, heating, hospitals, sanitation, shopping malls and supermarkets, will work normally to ensure that People’s Daily life will not be affected.Residents with special circumstances, such as medical treatment for illness or taking part in epidemic prevention and control, can leave the community on the strength of recent nucleic acid tests, but they should also adhere to the principle of “two points, one line” and minimize contact with people.All citizens are requested to take the initiative to participate in nucleic acid testing, actively cooperate with the community control, and do not go out unless they have to.Through the joint efforts of everyone, we will realize the elimination of social sporadic cases as soon as possible.It is hoped that the general public do not believe rumors or spread rumors, continue to do a good job of personal protection, pay attention to their own health conditions, adjust their psychological state, adhere to wearing masks, temperature measurement, one meter of noodles, wash their hands frequently, frequent ventilation, as far as possible do not go out, gather less, to avoid infection.In case of fever, cough and other related symptoms, you should go to the fever clinic for examination in time under the premise of personal protection.