Gan jingzhong led a team to inspect epidemic prevention and control and work safety, and visited frontline workers

2022-07-19 0 By

On the afternoon of January 31, Gan Jingzhong, secretary of the CPC District Committee, led a team to Yangfang, Nankou, Machikou and Dongxiaokou towns to check the epidemic prevention and control and work safety, visit frontline workers and send them New Year’s greetings.Xie Jiangling, deputy secretary of the District Committee, attended.In yangfang Victory hotel, Gan Jingzhong carefully inspect the entrance temperature detection and scan code inspection, a detailed understanding of the catering enterprises during the Spring Festival holiday business, and listened to the report of the catering enterprises during the Spring Festival consumption reception related work.He pointed out that all epidemic prevention and control measures should be fully implemented in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control plan, and work safety awareness should be enhanced, and food, fire control and production facilities should be strictly controlled to ensure that people feel at ease during the Spring Festival.Then, Gan Jingzhong led a team to Beijing Sanyuan Oil Co., LTD. Nankou gas station, inspect the site during the Spring Festival operation, understand the duty on duty, emergency plans and other safety production measures to implement.He stressed that safety is more important than Mount Tai, and the government should spare no efforts to ensure the safety of urban operation during the Spring Festival holiday, strictly implement the responsibility system for work safety, and build a solid defense line of safety for the people to celebrate the Spring Festival.Gan jingzhong also visited Xidian Village and Yuefu Jiayuan community of Machikou Town and Dongxiaokou Town to learn more about the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in the village and community, and had cordial talks with frontline staff.”The weather is cold, thank you for your contribution to the epidemic prevention and control work, we must do a good job of personal protection, strengthen cold and warm,” Gan jingzhong said.He stressed that front-line epidemic prevention and control workers should be cared for and taken good care of by ensuring supplies and taking rest shifts, and that regular epidemic prevention and control efforts should be made to resolutely block the spread of the epidemic to ensure a happy, peaceful and healthy Chinese New Year.District leaders Yang Renquan and Xue Chunjiang attended.By Sun Shiweitu/Mu Haoxing