“Blue committee” cross-examine Huang Weizhe is not line people?Senior DPP official: It is inappropriate to comment on individual cases

2022-07-19 0 By

According to Taiwan media reports, the “legislative yuan” ruling and opposition parties last night to negotiate the 2022 “general budget”, in the examination of the “transfer promotion” related proposals, the Kuomintang “legislator” Chen Yuzhen and other people repeatedly asked tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che is not a line citizen?Ye Hongling, the head of the promotion agency, responded that it was not appropriate to comment on individual cases, saying that it was necessary to verify the contents of documents filed by the authorities in accordance with the law in order to prepare for dealing with the perpetrators.”Legislative yuan” people’s Party general called Fei Hongtai questioned, even this can not answer, “promote transfer” how to restore the truth.Ye Hongling pointed out that there is no way to answer the case, to define the informant and perpetrator, we must first have a complete legal source basis, and what we are doing now is pre-assignment and interview;Chen Yuzhen then said, so you don’t want to say Huang Weizhe is not a line citizen.# # Taiwan