Young to dare to leapfrog!Haf is the new favorite of Generation Z

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With the rise of generation Z, major industries are gradually “occupied” by them, becoming the new main force of the consumer market.Survey data show that in the auto market alone, the proportion of young users born in the 1990s has increased from 19 percent to 30 percent since 2017.And it is precisely because of the arrival of Generation Z, triggered a car intelligent technology revolution.Advocating the life attitude of “young should dare to leapfrog”, they have the desire of exquisite life and technology enjoyment, and want to enjoy the leapfrog experience brought by “advanced intelligent technology equal rights”.It is in this context that Haffer brand has launched its new technology flagship SUV — Haffer God Beast, becoming the new favorite of generation Z.Since the name is “god beast”, so hafu god beast after all “god” where?God in design – overturn type design language to break the inherent impression, create a sense of science and technology of black although in recent years, many Chinese brands have formed their own design language, but after is given priority to with domestic product orientation lead to these models basic “pretty big” style is given priority to, this kind of style is the pursuit of interior space, leading to higher body design, the resulting visual effect also appears conservative old.And hafu god beast can be said to be a subversion of the brand’s inherent impression, “time and space hunting” and “time and space guard” two new design concepts respectively into the appearance and interior, so that it is no longer quite large, but medium and small, with exquisite.In general, the sharp and smooth body lines of Hafu God Beast create a dynamic release of aggression, and the delicate and smooth interior reveals the advanced aesthetic genes from the universe.Inspired by the star orbit, scattered lines and flowing front face create a sense of future science and technology.In addition, Haf god beast is also equipped with ADB matrix headlights, which can be automatically turned on according to the surrounding environment, efficient and fast response time, while ensuring their own safety at the same time to ensure the safety of others.The design of the rear wing is not only sharp, but also has aerodynamic performance.And racing car diffuser type rear surrounding design is in the same displacement, the same level of models have been rare.Of course, the three girth dimensions of 4780/1890/1675mm, combined with the ultra-long wheelbase of 2800mm, make Haf God Beast have no small space advantage in the compact SUV market.And with the whole car’s young appearance lines and color decoration, it also makes The Hafu god beast more in line with the aesthetic of the post-95 generation.In contrast to the aggressive dynamic exterior design, the interior design of Harf God Beast is dominated by simplicity and refinement.The 12.3+14.6 inch double curved star screen adds science and technology to the cabin, and at the same time, it also bears science and technology intelligence, showing the wisdom of The God beast of Harvard.Due to the vehicle with only two central area of physical buttons, so most of the operations are relying on the central screen, screen used the laminating process, tactility more fluid, through virtual buttons in the screen, can open air conditioning system and the driving mode of switching operation, such as in addition to click on the ipc screen also can undertake voice control, a piece of the screen “manipulation of the daily”.It is worth mentioning that, compared with other models of the brand, Hafu God Beast is more subversive with many luxury brands of the same design, not only let the interior design more texture, but also more streamlined the layout structure of the central console, improve more practical space.Obviously, the concept of “super time and space sharp aesthetics” runs through the whole process of Hafu god beast design.God Beast design team takes “super time and space” as the thinking source, listens to, hunts, breaks and fuses the inspiration elements in different time and space, and collides into an aesthetic work outside the zero space.God blessing, the science and technology, the double platform performance and intelligent “two-way to the” science and technology experience besides subversive young design language, the harvard god beast as the Great Wall of lemon platform and coffee “combination” of the driving system, in terms of performance and intelligent did “two-way to”, especially in the platform under the blessing of coffee,It has full scene interaction, personalized interaction and multi-scene in-depth interaction.It can be said that under the simple interior design style of Hafu God Beast, its functionality is very rich. The 12.3+14.6 inch double curved screen can bring more young users’ imagination of intelligent technology into reality. No matter watching videos, listening to radio, searching for appointment places, etc., it can be completed by touch or voice control.In addition to voice, touch control screen, Hafu God beast also supports gesture recognition, users can through the like gesture, OK gesture, victory gesture, fist gesture, than hiss gesture five gestures control part of the function, and the gesture recognition system also supports custom Settings.It is worth mentioning that the 25-inch HUD display system equipped with The Haf God Beast is even more colorful for the cockpit, when the ultra-high resolution image is cast on the wind, the sense of technology is aroused.And navigation information, driving information and auxiliary driving information, more intuitive, so that users can easily obtain driving information, to ensure driving safety.And the whole vehicle FOTA upgrade, can also let Hafu god beast achieve multimedia system, power, intelligent driving and other procedures a total of 36 modules, thousands of functions of the intelligent upgrade, so that users always drive “new car”!At present, cars are endowed with more technological attributes. On the one hand, the sense of science and technology carries a stronger ability to predict safety conditions, which can reduce accidents during travel through active braking and environmental perception.On the other hand, technology can also provide cars with better intelligent driving functions, such as automatic parking, assisted driving and other functions are now common, which can provide drivers with more convenient travel experience.Harvard god beast carrying the ADAS advanced intelligent driving assistance systems, at the same time as many as 17 radar, nine cameras, double strength under the blessing of the hardware and software, in such achievements the HWA high speed driving auxiliary harvard god beast, make the vehicle follow, smart, intelligent way, etc., more on the basis of the ACC extends the auxiliary function human-computer interaction and intelligent in a way,Reduce driving fatigue to a certain extent.Of course, there are more difficulties to overcome if you want to achieve a higher level of automatic parking in an underground parking lot than in a city or highway.After all, if a vehicle wants to achieve autonomous assistance, it must have the help of various sensors and positioning, but in the underground parking environment, it lacks the assistance of GPS positioning and high-precision map.Therefore, “the last mile” and “difficult parking” has become a new pain point for users.Under such conditions, the current solution of all car enterprises is to memorize the route in advance through the memory parking function, and then realize the autonomous parking function.And Harvard God beast can be fixed parking space, complete the parking environment learning, and users only need to open the memory parking at the entrance of the parking lot after going home, the vehicle will be in accordance with the set parking route parking tasks, and in the process of avoiding obstacles, parking waiting, to ensure that the vehicle is accurately parked into the parking space.In general, While enjoying the cool intelligence, Hafu God Beast can better meet the social needs of users. Its digital cockpit is more like adapting a smartphone to the central control screen, which not only makes the control more smooth, but also makes the control more convenient through voice, gesture and other control methods.And under the support of many driving assistance black technology, Hafu God beast can also be targeted at many pain points of young consumers, calmly deal with more car scenes, absolutely the ceiling of the same level exists.God in performance – enough to use far from enough power to return to the root of driving the pleasure engine is equivalent to the human heart, only full of vitality can be more brave.Yes, it is no longer the motivation requirement of Generation Z. Instead, it is “I can do without, but you can’t do without”.Strong power is definitely the basis of their love for a car.The Hafu Magic Beast brings the driver freedom of power driving, 1.5T high power and 2.0t new efficient engine, with the third generation of wet clutch 7-speed transmission, forming a golden power combination.In terms of specific parameters, the maximum power of the 1.5T engine carried by Hafu God Beast is 135kW, and the peak torque is 275Nm.The 2.0t engine has a maximum power of 165kW and a peak torque of 345Nm.It is worth mentioning that the addition of the four-wheel drive system makes the ratio of the front and rear axle torque of Hafu God Beast up to 50:50, and it has six driving modes of standard, sport, economy, snow, mud and sand, which makes the passing ability of hafu God Beast better.From the book data, although the 1.5T engine carried by Hafu God Beast is not the ceiling under the displacement, with the leading Miller cycle and double VVT technology, the vehicle compression ratio is increased to 11, the thermal efficiency of the whole machine is over 38%.In addition, its matching degree with the third generation 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox independently developed by Great Wall is extremely high, and the comprehensive WLTC fuel consumption is only 7.15L/100km;The more abundant power reserve of 2.0T engine can bring a smoother travel experience for drivers, and its 100km acceleration time only needs 7 seconds!Of course, excellent powertrain also needs professional adjustment to achieve the best driving experience.However, no matter what kind of driving power, Hafu Magic beast has a good performance in low twist when driving. It not only starts smoothly, but also has a very good power. When driving at high speed, it can also feel abundant power, so as to meet the more diversified car scenes and play needs of consumers in the Z era.Generation Z is a generation born with the Internet and has the most demand for intelligence, so intelligent cars become their “preference”.The appearance of hafu god beast has undoubtedly become a representative of high-level intelligent technology, allowing users to interact with infinity and control the overall situation.At the same time, Hafu God beast in space comfort, appearance level, power output and personalized construction and other aspects, also have a comprehensive leap-over experience, 13.00-16700 yuan price, in the same price model has a super competitiveness, is highly fit with young users dream of riding.