Why is easy inside intestinal tract long “polyp”?Polyp is inside bowel, what abnormal symptom can the body have?

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“Doctor, is it okay to have intestinal polyps?Is it cancer?”Intestinal polyps are abnormal hyperplasia diseases that occur in the human intestine. According to the hyperplasia site, they are divided into many types. Many patients think that intestinal polyps inexplicably are related to cancer.Why does polyp grow easily inside intestinal tract?In general, intestinal polyp is not a serious problem, but if there are too many muscles, up to hundreds of them, and the distribution is unusually wide, then it will be clinically diagnosed as polyp disease, the problem is very serious.In general, the most common intestinal polyp diseases in life are familial adenomatous polyps, which can be divided into inflammatory polyps, adenomatous polyps and a series of comprehensive diseases.So what are the causes of intestinal polyps?Based on years of experience analysis, the following four reasons were finally uncovered.1. 60% of the intestinal polyp diseases caused by family genetic genes are caused by family genetic genes. If your father, mother, brothers and sisters have particularly severe polyp diseases, then the probability of intestinal polyp diseases is 4-6 times higher than ordinary people.Therefore, if there are intestinal polyps in the family population, it is necessary to go to the hospital for colonoscopy.Even if acquired long-term diseases are closely related to genetics.2. From conventional experience, the probability of polyps in the large intestine is not high. In general, the existence of polyps in the intestine is closely related to repeated stimulation of intestinal diseases.Clinical data show that if patients have severe chronic gastroenteritis, then the probability of intestinal polyps is three times higher than the average person, which is caused by repeated inflammatory cell stimulation of the intestinal mucosa.3, constipation for a long time modern diet structure is complex, or overeating, or hunger, often intake of high oil, high sugar, high salt and other high calorie food, love to eat food with high chemical substances, which is easy to lead to modern stomach often induce a series of chronic diseases.Constipation is more common. Once constipation occurs, it will lead to retention of stool, the body absorbs harmful substances repeatedly, affecting normal defecation, and toxin hoarding induces polyps.4, obesity is the source of obesity, obesity people have intestinal problems, or too many fat cells, or gastrointestinal inflammation, so it seriously affects the gastrointestinal absorption function, under the overload state will inevitably lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, abdominal distension.Intestinal mucosa by linear impact, long-term diarrhea caused mucosal damage, induced inflammation and abnormal hyperplasia.The above four reasons are the most common factors causing intestinal polyps, of course, intestinal polyps may also be caused by cancer, parasites, inflammatory diseases and other problems.However, intestinal polyps grow in the intestines and do not cause inflammation, ulcers, perforation and other problems, so how do we know there may be polyps in the intestines?Polyp is found inside bowel tract, what abnormal disease can the body have?Many people are more confused, if there is absorption in the intestine will cancer?Let’s just say it’s possible.Therefore, in the life, we must seize the signal sent by abnormal gastrointestinal function. The following kinds of manifestations or are reminding you that polyps exist.Point 1: Blood in your stool.The patient has intestinal polyps, which may cause constipation and unclean defecation.Stool is too dry and stiff will damage intestinal polyps, health so that it ruptures bleeding, so the blood in the stool appears dark red.That’s just one of them. There are many external reasons for bloody stool.If you find yourself bleeding in your stool for a long time, you must go to the hospital for early examination or hemorrhoids lead to intestinal mucosa shedding may also be gastrointestinal cancer.Point 2: abnormal stools.Normal people have traces of defecation to follow, generally with the earlier one more frequent, its stool shape soft waxy, mainly yellow and brown, showing banana symptoms.If your stools are thin, angular and accompanied by mucus or chronic constipation, be careful, as intestinal polyps may be causing trouble.Point 3, abdominal abnormalities.Simply put it in, so that your intestine is unimpeded without any hindrance, and gas is naturally very smooth. If there are polyps in the intestine, the air is not discharged cleanly when deflating, and abdominal distention and reverse absorption occur.How is bowel polyp treated?Many patients in life do not have absolute medical support, think that suffering from intestinal polyp and cancer are closely related, become abnormal tension, feel their appetite is not much, in fact, this kind of worry is very redundant, because intestinal polyp processing method in anorectal division is a low-level operation.For intestinal polyps with a small number and volume, drugs are mainly used. Hormone therapy is commonly used to effectively improve the clinical symptoms of patients.Colonoscopy can be performed according to the size and shape of the polyp sleeve resection, ablation, forceps and other methods.If there is serious intestinal polyp, the patient doctor needs to remove a small number of pathological changes through surgery, intestinal tract as far as possible to retain normal excretion function is weak, it is not necessary to rely on artificial impotence.Taken together, the best way to treat intestinal polyps is to catch them early, since dragging them around can lead to other chronic inflammation.Doctors suggest that the treatment of intestinal polyps is not fundamental, the fundamental is the cause of disease, find the source to improve the internal environment, is the most important treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.Healthy New Year