Valentine’s Day: there is a feeling, even if deep love, also no longer contact

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There is a feeling, even if once deeply loved, but never contact.Knowing we love each other, but pretending to miss;Knowing that there is no future, but deeply miss;Knowing that there is no tomorrow, but deeply bless in my heart.Time is long, time is quiet, time crossing, crisscrossed paths in the world of mortals, I have the honor to meet you, although each other never said a “love” word, but in the heart of the feelings at the bottom of the lake, always warm for the rest of my life.If life only as before, which will have today’s regrets, only will be deeply miss knead grow long line, a head connected to me, a head connected to you……Meeting the right person at the wrong time is the helplessness of life. Zhang Ailing said: Meeting the right person at the right time is a kind of fate.Everyone yearns for the good life of immortal companion as soon as possible, the feelings of ten thousand years can not be met, the true love in real life, often is a strange combination of circumstances, love shallow miss.To meet the right person at the wrong time is the helplessness of life, as well as the desire of looking forward to the afterlife.Meishan, 40, met Zhao, who was several years older than her, at a book club.Because at this time, both of them have their own homes and children, the feelings from the depths of the soul can only be consigned to the “afterlife”.One song “daughter tears” let how many people sigh with emotion, the Tang’s monk of all sides empty also failed to free from vulgarity.When the gentle and beautiful female king asked, “Quietly ask the holy priest, is your daughter beautiful?Is she beautiful?”He refused by all means, but when he left, Yu Changting said goodbye: If there is an afterlife, this life is not deep affinity, looking forward to the afterlife early meet, not his heart of stone, but meet too late.We are lucky and happy to meet the right person at the right time.Xu Zhimo said: that I am lucky, not my life!Since it is in the wrong time, meet the right person, we can do, as long as the deep feeling buried in dust, looking forward to the afterlife meet just right.Love each other but can not be together, only phase forget in the river’s lake came out between the feeling of what, teach people life and death depend on each other.All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill, is the most beautiful wish of many loving people.Love and not, is lonely, but also regret, in the heart of the trace, is the most beautiful blessing in this world.Because this life has a story collection, there are years to remember, stay in the bottom of my heart, comfort the rest of my life long years.Laughter is real existence, tears are also real fall, in the world of thin feelings, snuggle up to the bottom of my heart that deep comfort, will be sparse dull days quiet years.Love is a beautiful place of heart, not every deep love, can get the response of the other side, as long as you really feel the taste of love, the fullness of love, enough.Love can not be together feelings, only forget in rivers and lakes.Years long, only lovesickness difficult to give up.In The Grandmaster, Li Gong ji never married, she loved IP Man deeply, but there was only love between them, but no result.As Gong er leaves, Wen Ye asks: IT’s my luck to meet you at the best time.I had you in my heart, like people do not break the law, but I can only like and stop.Gong er is able to pick up, put down the woman, like is really like, put down as a beautiful lucky.Although love is really pay, but no chance can not be punctual, but also sincerely wish, the rest of my life, their well-being, each favor.Chang huai Thanksgiving heart, thank every encounter, every feeling, every heartache of the encounter, since can not be together, that phase forget rivers and lakes, bless each other.There is a deep love, never contact, but deep blessing life if only as first, then all good will not disappear.Love in the world is hard to find, feelings are difficult to understand, true love is the hardest to put down.Between people, some people pass by and forget, some people accompany a journey to break up, some people step on the tip of the heart, stop in the heart, will never disappear.Love a person how deep, miss a person how thick, only to swallow the cold tears, with the years boiled, integrated into continuous thoughts and blessings.Do not contact, but any thoughts grow wildly;Do not disturb, as wanton tears.The world spoony, can not become immortal companion as soon as possible, it is buried in the depths of the years, in the time silently blessing.The one-way journey of life, there are willing to accompany the family, there are also interested in congenial friendship, and the deep love of each other, each encounter, are we to the earthly experience.Once passionate, into the imprint is engraved on my heart;Once beautiful scenery, into the memories of youth;Once the lover, but not in life, only in the dream, in the memory, in the blessing!There is a deep love, never contact, but each other’s hearts are deeply bless, bless each other day well, month in peace, year after year.You accompany me a journey, I read your life, each other tianya well, their joy.Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.