Can detergent residue harm human health?How long does it take to clean?An experiment tells you the truth

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Guide language: Zhang Auntie is 42 years old this year, it is a housewife, at ordinary times basically be turn around husband child, it is husband solid family backing, one day zhang Auntie is surfing the Internet, suddenly saw some software play out push message, above show: are you still using washing clean essence?Not only start or love, even CCTV have called the roll!Zhang aunt see after very doubt, then point to go in, the original article is about the industrial and commercial bureau has identified carcinogens and 28 times of detergent, to human body harm is great, and at the end of the article is recommended to choose their so-and-so dishwashing liquid, clean safe also does not hurt the hand, not only won’t worry about the cancer.After seeing this, Aunt Zhang was very moved, because she used detergent at home all the time, unexpectedly there will be cancer risk, after seeing the link, she did not hesitate to order a few bottles.Does dishwashing liquid really cause cancer?Detergent should be families have a catharsis things, without the help of detergent, it is often difficult to remove oil stains on the bowl chopsticks, although the detergent cleaning ability is very strong, but this does not affect the toxicity of detergent for the body, especially put much detergent, will produce large amounts of foam, containing surfactants, flushing impurities, attached to the tableware,There are also health risks.So is long-term use of dishwashing liquid really a cancer risk?In 2014, the spot check results of the special national supervision on the quality of tableware detergent products showed that the qualified rate of the products was 93.6%, equivalent to 100 products randomly selected, of which 94 were qualified. The main reasons for the unqualified products were formaldehyde exceeded the standard, the detergents and the total active substance content did not reach the standard.That is to say, it is not detergent that causes cancer, but formaldehyde that exceeds the standard. Unqualified detergent will have the risk of cancer. Formaldehyde is quite harmful to the human body, especially to the skin and mucous membrane.In addition, formaldehyde also has a potentially toxic effect on human liver;Formaldehyde is also closely related to the occurrence of a variety of tumors, so it is not too much to say that formaldehyde will cause cancer.Formaldehyde dilution solution can also make the protein of cell protoplasm irreversible solidification, the normal function of the cell is inhibited or even destroyed, so experts will regard it as a suspected carcinogen.Since formaldehyde intake is harmful to human body, so why do you add formaldehyde to dishwashing liquid?In fact, according to the provisions of national laws and regulations, the competition of enterprises can not add formaldehyde, but some small manufacturers can only use formaldehyde as a preservative to ensure that detergent does not deteriorate, so it will cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard.Generally speaking, 93.6% of detergent on the market belong to qualified products, there is no problem of formaldehyde content exceeding the standard, so the harm of detergent itself to the human body is minimal, but also can not be taken lightly.Dishwashing liquid will accelerate the dissolution of fat-soluble pollutants and help the dissolution, absorption and decomposition of carcinogens in the human body, but improper rinsing residue will also cause potential dangers to the body, because dishwashing liquid itself contains a variety of surfactants, which should not be absorbed by the human body, so be sure to wash clean.02 Will dishwashing liquid residue harm human health?How long does it take to clean?An experiment tells you the truth. The establishment of national Food safety Demonstration Group in Kunming city had an impact on the residue of dishwashing liquid. Test testers took tableware samples and cleaned them with dishwashing liquid, measured the internal surface area, and respectively: washed them with water in a basin;Wash basin with water twice;Simple water rinse again;Rinse under running water for 30 seconds.After sampling and analysis, it was found that the residue of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate was the highest with an estimated value of 0.081mg per 100 square centimeters after washing with basin water twice, and the residue of simple washing with water once also exceeded the national standard.Only water flushing 30 seconds of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate measured values less than 0.005mg per 100 square centimeters.To sum up, if you want to thoroughly wash dishwashing liquid on tableware, it must be carried out in the state of running water for 30 seconds or more to ensure that there is no detergent residue to a large extent. If detergent remains for a long time, it will also bring adverse effects to the body.First of all, dishwashing liquid can stimulate the skin, causing symptoms of dry, itchy, red and swollen skin, and even causing skin rashes and inflammation.Secondly, detergent residue in the plate, bowl, these ingredients mixed with food will enter the gastrointestinal, through the digestive system is absorbed by the human body, so as to stimulate gastrointestinal symptoms, causing intestinal lesions.As residues accumulate, more serious problems can occur over time. Since this recommendation is not for greasy and dirty things, do not wash dishes with dishwashing liquid, fruits and vegetables should not be washed with dishwashing liquid as much as possible, and couples of childbearing age should still be exposed to little or no dishwashing liquid.In order to avoid the unknown harm caused by detergent to human health, we must do these suggestions to choose plant antibacterial detergent;Change the original habit of soaking decontamination, the use of water flushing;Do not squeeze dishwashing liquid directly on kitchen utensils and use it after diluting.Choose the right purchase channel, do not try to buy cheap in the small commodity wholesale market, washing products from small manufacturers, may contain formaldehyde, arsenic and other harmful ingredients to the human body, the harm to the human body is greater;Buy detergent society to see the label, the label indicates the main components of detergent, it is best to choose to use plant components as solvent and sterilization of detergent when buying.Conclusion: do you often use detergent at ordinary times?In fact, not only detergent, most washing products are very harmful to human skin, so we suggest that when using these detergents, we must wear latex gloves, to better protect human skin.