Winter Olympics, let aid xinjiang 3,000 kilometers no longer far away

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On the map, Wuerhe District of Karamay City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is at the tail of the “rooster”, located in the great northwest of China, more than 3,000 kilometers from Henan.This Spring Festival, due to the impact of the epidemic, six volunteers from Wuerhe Branch of henan Normal University graduate Education Support Group chose to stay in the local area for the Spring Festival.Far away from home and at the end of the year, these homesick wanderers feel a different warmth in Xinjiang.And the Winter Olympic Games in full swing, also let them and the hometown of the old folks look gathered a place — three thousand kilometers, it seems not so far away.The Winter Olympics let volunteers and their families focus on one place although separated by mountains and seas. In this season, the most common thing in Xinjiang is snow, which lasts for a long time on both sides of the road.Sometimes the sun is in the sky, but the sky is still snow.Ma Jiahe, a volunteer, often goes skiing at a local ski resort with his friends.On the ski resort, they stop and go, stumble, although there are many embarrassed, but still try to put the most handsome posture, photos sent to the group circle of friends, to the hometown relatives and friends see.”I had planned to go home for the Spring Festival, but I couldn’t because of the epidemic.”Ma Jiahe, a native of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, usually spends the Spring Festival with his family. Suddenly, he was thousands of kilometers away from home.Ma was also at a loss about what to do with five other volunteers, all of whom were teaching at Karamay’s No. 16 Middle School.However, with the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics has become the emotional bond between their family and friends in their hometown, they will cheer for the Chinese team to win the gold, but also regret for the defeat.Ma jiahe said that the Spring Festival coincides with the opening of the Winter Olympic Games. He and his relatives in Henan watched the Winter Olympic Games and cheered for the Chinese team, which made them feel like being with their families even though they were far away from each other.In addition to the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics, the local government, the school and the Henan Alumni Association all provided warmth for them: the local government sent them home with New Year’s Gift packages, the school organized various heart-warming activities for them, and the rich New Year’s Eve dinner prepared by henan alumni and colleagues.On New Year’s Eve, the temperature in Karamay city, Xinjiang province was more than 10 degrees below zero, but in the home of Qin Liuchange, a teacher of Karamay City’s no. 16 Middle School, it was warm and lively.Volunteers from Wuerhe branch of henan Normal University graduate Student Support Group are spending the New Year’s Eve with Teacher Qin’s family.Qin liuchuan, also from Henan province, was admitted to Henan Normal University in 1988. To the surprise of the volunteers, Qin decided to support the construction of Xinjiang province after graduation. Since then, he has planted his roots in the northwest of China.Gradually, Qin Liu changed from a young man in the prime of his youth into a volunteer called Qin Uncle.Uncle Qin was also very excited when he saw these children for the first time: “We are alumni and fellow villagers from Henan. They can’t go back this year, so they can go to my home for the New Year, so that they can taste the taste of their hometown.”Chicken wings, skin jelly, beef…With a table full of dishes, the volunteers temporarily forgot their worries that they could not go back.Of course, on the New Year’s Eve dinner table, dumplings are the main character.Everyone talked and laughed at the same time, plate stuffing, rolling skin, dumplings, soon on the freezer, table, chopping board filled with different forms of dumplings.Before dinner, attentive Teacher Qin also reminded volunteers to call their parents at home: “Every festival times miss relatives, I let them call home, some girls also cried, but soon we were talking and laughing, watching the Spring Festival Gala, just like at home.”Ma Jiahe and his group are volunteers of the 20th Graduate Student Support Education Group of Henan Normal University. They chose Xinjiang as a volunteer teacher because they had a vision of “the world is so big that I want to go and see it”. More importantly, they showed their responsibility and courage to go to places where the Party and people need them most.In the process of supporting teaching, they found that children’s world is very colorful, there are obedient sensible time, there are also naughty time.Haiya Ying, a volunteer, said that after spending more time with the children, they gradually became the remote control of her mood. She would be happy to see their progress and growth, and would get angry when she saw their naughty behavior.Of course, more often than not, the children soothe the volunteers’ homesickness with songs and dances.”I’ve only heard that xinjiang children are good at singing and dancing, but I didn’t know that before. The lively spirit of dancing with one’s feet lifted and singing with one’s mouth opened is really amazing. We don’t have to worry about organizing programs and performing during festivals.”Mr. Ma never stops talking about his students.Three feet platform, swing youth.Apart from the podium, these volunteers are also actively involved in local volunteer activities.They organize and plan promotion week activities in the district and carry out Mandarin training;During holidays and rest time, volunteer to serve tourists in local scenic spots in response to the call of the district;Help students rehearse their works for singing competitions…As volunteer Ren Shanshan said, “Although I can’t extend the length of a year, I can expand the depth and thickness of time, and do more meaningful things in my limited time, so that this year will shine in our lives and the lives of our children.”It is reported that Since 2001, Henan Normal University has officially become the implementation unit of the Chinese Youth Volunteer Poverty Alleviation Relay Program graduate Student Support group program. So far, it has sent a total of 124 volunteers to Xinjiang for 20 sessions.The group has 17 volunteers, 11 of whom are assigned to the 13th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The six volunteers, including Ma Jiahe, are in Wuerhe District, Karamay, where they will serve as volunteer teachers for one year starting September 2021.Source Henan Youth Times · Dongfeng news reporter CAI Lin/article respondents for the picture editor Yang Yang proofread Wang Bing audit Tian Zhen