We will not relax our efforts to ensure the supply of food ingredients during the Spring Festival

2022-07-15 0 By

The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese New Year celebration, but we must not relax our efforts in epidemic prevention and control.Meicai launched the “Spring Festival Is not closed” activity, and adopted various measures to ensure safety and supply demand.During the Spring Festival, in order to better prevent and control the epidemic.Meicai carries out efficient safety prevention and control in the whole process without dead Angle for the food safety dimension of supply, the safety dimension of participating employees and the safety dimension of consumers receiving goods.In terms of the guarantee of food safety in the “Spring Festival Closed” activity, In addition to ensuring the source safety of food ingredients, Meicai also carries out strict safety and epidemic prevention inspection on every food ingredient for sale in accordance with the requirements to ensure that every restaurant receives safe food ingredients that meet the standards.In terms of the safety of employees involved in the insurance, Meicai carries out strict epidemic prevention management for each employee involved in the insurance. In addition to taking good protective measures, meicai also carries out high standard epidemic prevention and elimination for every link that may cause risks.Strictly ensure the safety of every employee and every link, for the “Spring Festival not closed” activities add a security line.In terms of ensuring the safety of receiving goods for consumers, Meicai has learned from relevant experience to optimize its distribution and supply system at a deeper level, shorten the supply and circulation links, and minimize the possibility of personal contact.At the same time, when food materials are delivered to the door, we also choose the contactless distribution mode as far as possible to ensure that every supply of food materials can be safely delivered to every consumer.The needs of the people should never be ignored, even during the special period of the epidemic.As a member of the food supply chain service enterprise, Meicai.com insists on providing food to the public, and tries its best to take multiple measures to ensure the safety of the supply demand.At the same time, it has also contributed to the recovery and development of the catering industry.