Jiangxi went all out to help farmers benefit farmers and carry out the action of “Strong quality Spring Tillage” to protect farmers

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China consumer News Nanchang news (Hu Jing reporter Zhu Hai) spring ploughing is approaching, farming urgent.Jiangxi Province Market Supervision Bureau recently organized the “Strong Quality guarantee Spring Ploughing” agricultural protection action, the whole system adhere to epidemic prevention and control and agricultural products quality and safety supervision, to ensure the quality and safety of chemical fertilizer, agricultural film and other agricultural products, to protect the production of spring ploughing.We will step up monitoring of production and distribution.Take a variety of forms to carry out a comprehensive investigation of agricultural materials production and sales market subjects, and strive to make the bottom number clear and the situation clear, so as to make preparations for the next step of product quality supervision and inspection and sampling inspection.Law enforcement officers check the quality of agricultural products.We will intensify key daily supervision and inspections.Focusing on agricultural commodities such as chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers and agricultural film, the daily supervision and inspection of production and operation entities should be strengthened.On the one hand, strengthen the post-certification supervision of fertilizer production enterprises, focusing on the inspection of raw material procurement inspection, product inspection and other key quality control points.At the same time, combined with the requirements of plastic pollution control work, strictly check the agricultural film business units purchase bills and the implementation of the certificate and ticket, strictly check the national standards and the national ban on the sale of thickness less than 0.01 mm polyethylene agricultural plastic film.On the other hand, the relevant agricultural products business units to strengthen the daily inspection, focusing on the inspection of purchase sources, packaging marks and other situations, urging the strengthening of internal management, standardize the purchase channels, the implementation of purchase inspection and import and sales ledger system.We will intensify supervision and sampling inspections of related products.According to the Catalogue of Quality and Safety Supervision of Key Industrial Products of Jiangxi Province (2022 Edition), safety performance indicators will be highlighted, and on-site inspections and product spot checks will be carried out on the urban and rural connection departments, agricultural materials management centers and distribution centers, which are prone to repeat and have many risks and hidden dangers, to strictly prevent unqualified agricultural materials from entering the market.At the promotional event.Strengthen the publicity of the rule of law on the quality of agricultural products.We should intensify the publicity of laws, regulations and agricultural knowledge, and publicize the knowledge of agricultural science popularization and the common sense of consumer rights protection among farmers.At the same time, we will guide production and operation enterprises to improve the legal awareness of quality and strengthen product quality management.Up to now, jiangxi province market supervision system has inspected a total of 963 fertilizer, agricultural film business units (times);Sampling inspection of 1203 batches of chemical fertilizer and agricultural film products, the results of sampling inspection have been found 3 batches of unqualified products, have done post-treatment according to law and regulations;We investigated and handled 3 illegal cases and distributed tens of thousands of publicity materials.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com