Lai God fans are completely angry, after the second summit of lai God’s words sour cry water friends, Vallai stone hammer

2022-07-13 0 By

The new season has begun for a period of time, at the beginning of the season, we can still see many players who scored more than 1,000 points last season, but half a month has passed, the field of the top anchor has been more than 1,000 points to more than 2,000 points, basically now are the players with the highest score last season.And the anchors are also very helpful, especially the performance of lai Shen is very exaggerated.New season everyone thought originally lai god in the new season is very difficult to have a good play, because the new season is not directly affect the god, but thought that the new master of the changes, let god do best the professor operations will also become very bad, have done a test player, even more exaggerated said a god of the professor one-on-one hit dragon one-on-one hit close to a minute.God but the new season is not affected by too much, use of the professor on line still beyond most of the players against road, even the god still have time to hit 115 Dan against road branch, is no problem in many players to god in the heart of the professor of arts, but god other heroes have very good performance.But when Lai God hit the second place in the summit race, he made a remark that made all the water friends angry.This game to lai God’s old master played very good, easily won the victory, at this time Lai God’s peak match score also reached 2140 points, from the first peak match only a few minutes away from The first Weiliang, if Lai God made an effort to rush, the summit match may be the first.However, Lai Shen directly said that I don’t want the second place, when everyone thought that Lai Shen looked down on the second place and wanted to win the first place, Lai Shen said: “Summit doesn’t matter, I don’t want the second place, I just want to play the challenge to the full.”This time water friends began to angry, after all, the new season most of the players are even struggling in the ranking, and even the king did not rush up, which is a lot of pretentious think that they do not score because of teammates’ problems, and see lai God even the second peak race are not heart very sad.Personal opinion: To be honest, God has been playing so well this season that a lot of people at Summit are wondering if he is behind it.And the reason why Lai Shen is so Versailles is probably because he is hitting the split section recently. After all, the highest split section in the wild reaches 123, the challenge is no longer available, lai Shen is also preparing to hit the split section in 115, so for Lai Shen, the peak score is not as important as last season.