Inner Mongolia Greater Khingan Mountains forest fire detachment to improve the comprehensive rescue capacity

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Consult with the local government, rush to the fire site, investigate the fire accurately, prevent the fire head-on…Quickly using motor command in the battle command center, the practice of the ice and snow, one orange shadow flash the beating, the parade of fire rescue vehicle, forklifts and other large vehicles, a house in the station emergency fire rescue exercises as the background are greater hinggan mountains in Inner Mongolia forest fire detachment field in training field.Photo: Rescue drill site.Be prepared for the holidays.During the Spring Festival, the Daxing ‘anling Forest Fire Brigade closely followed the actual situation in the area, closely followed the safety preparations in the area, closely followed the situation in the defense zone, and closely followed the main responsibility and main occupation training. It preset conditions, standardized procedures and strict standards, strictly organized combat readiness exercises, and constantly improved the team’s ability to carry out comprehensive rescue missions with practical actions.”We focused on our primary responsibilities and duties as well as actual combat rotation training, carefully studied and determined the types of winter disasters in the Greater Hinggan Mountains region, and vigorously carried out the campaign of ‘Winter training and Sharpening of troops’ to extend it to grassroots levels and practice.”Liu Xuefeng, chief of the Greater Hinggan Mountains forest fire detachment, said that the detachment firmly set up training and preparation for clear-cut guidance, highlighting the “basic, professional, combat” integration training, the preparation for the core position.According to the characteristics of the disaster accidents occurred easily during the Spring Festival, detachment, carefully read the task situation severs strictly preparation plan and implementation plan, guide the adjustment at the grass-roots level changes to the plan, timely maintenance vehicles and equipment, specific units are set up in the combat readiness brigade of 25 people prepared to rescue at any time, the fire brigade positive coordination compound attachment rescue vehicle, forklifts and other large vehicles, to ensure that at all levelsCan achieve rapid response, efficient disposal.Figure: Command and dispatch of rescue drill.The detachment commander personally takes charge of the training and preparation, improves the organizational structure, makes detailed plans and implements responsibilities step by step, forming the training and preparation idea of “under the leadership of the Party Committee, under the leadership of the department, with special squad scheduling and full participation in training”.Leading officers at all levels take the lead of the group, forming a training atmosphere in which the detachment commander leads the training, the battalion commander leads the training, and the squadron commander conducts the training. Through seminars, subject demonstration meetings, safety evaluation meetings and other forms, the training is evaluated daily, planned weekly, and evaluated monthly to ensure the steady progress of the training.Closely marking the area of the situation of xing ‘an Lin city, over the city of ice and snow floating, uav hovering, search for the location of the trapped, rescue team was immediately out, using traction rope, eight-character ring to make rescue rope, save the trapped personnel…On the first day of the Lunar New Year, 12 rescue detachments of the Greater Hinggan Mountains detachment were dispatched at the same time and carried out a rescue drill.”Against the background of the sudden fire in residential houses, the drill flexibly adopted the methods of ‘random guidance, video watching, random questions, summary and comments’ to be organized and implemented synchronously in different places, focusing on beating and tempering teams in a really difficult and strict environment.”Zheng Wei, acting political councilor of the detachment, said that the detachment scientifically set up the civil house fire fighting, preset isolation, rescue trapped people and carry out on-site alert and other subjects closely related to the rescue practice. Through practical exercises, the team’s comprehensive rescue ability has been steadily improved.Photo: Rescue drill site.People celebrate, we pass.Detachment of the party committee attaches great importance to the team comprehensive rescue ability construction, combine to set off fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival and the actual heating time is long, deep research houses fire task saves characteristic, positive and local government, hulun buir fire rescue team, emergency office and other units set up fire report and regular consultation mechanism, to ensure that the first time to master the situation information, first time out, the first timeEffective and safe disposal.Since the beginning of winter, the detachment has put the general training of all members in an important position in view of the fact that the area of the detachment is large and the basic units are scattered.In the organ training, general training of 3,000 meters, push-ups, sit-ups and other subjects, timely development of basketball, badminton and other training;At the grassroots training ground, teams and groups are trained as a unit to ensure the improvement of training quality and training efficiency.This detachment also aims at the subject focus, organizes the bottom test, finds the bottleneck problem, hires the professional coach, follows the class teaching instruction;For part of the team scores improve difficult situation, implements the topic research, focus on training in rotation, has repeatedly organization monitor backbone JiXunBan, key research winter low temperature rain and snow freeze disaster rescue, according to the complex, after Jane first points after the first, strive to solve the problem such as organization is not standard, the effect is not obvious, effectively ensure the overall level of training constantly breakthroughs.The detachment adheres to linking the effectiveness of training with unit and individual honor, sets up “Dragon and Tiger List” on the LAN, selects “advanced unit” and “training model” through various competitions, effectively arouses the enthusiasm of all fire rescue personnel in winter training, and establishes a reasonable system and mechanism for forging first-class Northern Xinjiang “Flame Blue” rescue team.(The author: Inner Mongolia Greater Khingan Mountains Forest Fire Detachment Wen Baizhi)