“Ji J2W5** wear masks” traffic police: arrangements | Safe Spring Festival traffic police counterparts

2022-07-12 0 By

At about 15:30 in the afternoon of January 19, a netizen reported to the Cangzhou Traffic police detachment: a white SUV covered two digits of its license plate number with masks, suspected of deliberately blocking the number plate, is now driving in the city.After receiving the report, the Cangzhou Traffic Police detachment immediately carried out an investigation. At 9:30 a.m. on January 20, the police in the command center locked the vehicle according to its whereabouts and immediately issued instructions to seize the suspected vehicle.In front of the evidence, the driver gu xx confessed to the traffic violation of deliberately blocking the number plate, saying that because it was Wednesday, his car was restricted to the road, in order to avoid the punishment of the electronic police, the “wrong trick”.Later, the police educated Gu about the illegal act of deliberately blocking the number plate, and informed her that deliberately blocking the number plate is a serious road traffic violation.According to relevant regulations, Gu was fined 200 yuan by the traffic police for intentionally covering up the vehicle license plate, and her driving license was given 12 points.