“Fight to break the sky: Canaan Institute piece” before 26 sets of review, smoked son popularity can super cloud rhyme?

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It has been some time since the end of the special episode of “Fight the Sky’s Three-year Engagement”. Many audiences are looking forward to the next episode of “Fight the Sky’s Nianpan”. Unfortunately, although the audience and veteran fans have repeatedly urged more, the official is not in a hurry, and will not tell everyone when nianpan will come after the end.And I also thought that the first half of this year is not what to expect, the second half will come, right?Now that hope is dashed, as The three-year Engagement to Break the Firmament will be followed by The fourth season of Starchange.What happens when the work is finished?Many viewers may have thought it was their turn to finally fight the Sky, but it wasn’t. It was the recently announced third season of Battle of the Universe.Because this work has begun to preheat, and released a new trailer, calculate to this work after the end of the second season also drag long enough to come, and this work is updated every time on Sunday, now “stars change” there are a few episodes on the end, it seems that “wu Dynamic Universe” the third season is also fast.But “fight to break the sky is not completely without good news, according to the state administration of radio for the record table, the so-called years has been put on record of 26 sets, can be divided into three chapters to send 123 audit, chapter name is call” Canaan college essay “, in this chapter means finally she turn one of shaw smoked son home.So the question comes, when the time comes “Canaan College” officially start, xiao Xun son popularity can exceed cloud yun yun?Let’s analyze it.One, “the land of Canaan school” open shaw smoked turn son at home, but her popularity are not necessarily super cloud rhyme “fight to break the sky for about 3 years, and then turn the Canaan college essay, about three years we witness the success of yun, she can be said to be” fight to break the sky “most popular female roles, and even there was a time when sentiment is above the medusa, the queen,Many fans and passers-by mention yunyun from time to time.And yun Yun this female role is indeed molded very well, from the original yun yun special enough to see how hard the official yun Yun, no matter the model or character, or the strength is commendable.Until the third season of the second season, especially the desert kiss in tagangol Desert, a kiss is enough to see that the official yun Yun is not what intentions, but preference, the original no kiss play to Yun Yun.What about Xiao Xun?In contrast, there are two extremes. How much the official cares and prefers Yunyun, how indifferent they are to Xiao Xun ‘er.The fourth season only let her appear, but the model can be said to be a terrible look, fans laugh at the inside of any female character appearance level of her ten streets.In such a case, the authorities were forced to rebuild Xiao Xun’s model, but after such a toss and turn, Xiao Xun’s popularity has been worse than before.The most important thing is that Xiao Xun er has been off the line for too long, and her popularity has been worn out. How many audiences still like this role?Everyone’s going to yunyun Medusa.Now, although the fifth season of Canaan College is Xiao Xun ‘er’s home court, the authorities know what they did before, xiao Xun ‘er can hardly compare with the most popular yun Yun, in terms of popularity, she may not be able to surpass Yun Yun.The fifth season is xiao Xun’s home court, but xiao Xun inevitably needs to face a problem, that is, the time is too early to accompany the protagonist too little.It can be said that this is also a reason why Xun ‘er is not as popular as Yun Yun.Because the relationship is determined too early, there is no suspense between Xiao Xun and the protagonist Xiao Yan, and there is no conflict. The audience naturally feels that Xiao Xun and Xiao Yan are a couple.And what about yunyun?Messenger, she is miss each other, and ZSZSZSZ during feud entanglements, when the audience to see nature also worry about ZSZSZSZ and cloud rhyme, also will not consciously plug into, finally lit as YunLan on 2 cases of anger, the couple had to slay stood on the opposite to love, in the dull slay and love each other between the audience must slay prefer to look at love.Then it is to accompany the protagonist too little time, as long as the audience who has seen the original work should be able to find that xiao Xun er’s original work in the drama can be said to be poor, add up the chapters can belong to both hands.To be fair, Xiao Xun ‘er has not played half of yunyun. Even in Canaan College, xiao Xun ‘er’s home field, she also left the college after only a few chapters, so it is strange that her popularity can rise.Three, lovely is not dominant in front of sexy, most people do not like the lovely type of the last is xiao Xuner itself, the official seems to have been when Xiao Xun is lovely, modeling has been lovely, xiao Xun began to be lovely, but this has been a few years?Can’t let xiao Xun play cute all the time, but the fourth season of Xiao Xun is still cute.And what do people choose between cute and sexy?Fact proves most people do not like lovely model, Xiao Smoked son also cannot go toward lovely model again, must go toward mature direction draw close.Because at this time Xiao Yan has obviously grown up mature also have a responsibility, the result xiao Xun er or lovely as the little sister next door, that audience naturally do not like Xiao Yan and Xiao Xun er this pair, it depends on the official time how to choose.So let’s stop here. 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