Dream journey to the West: 75 Linglongbao map dig!This harvest is not bad, is it?

2022-07-12 0 By

Quests are an important way for players to gain experience.Duplicate credits earned when completing duplicate missions have many uses.However, most players will choose to exchange it for item rewards.Among the redeemable items, Linglongbao is the best choice.Today, the player will dig wave Linglongbao map!15 for each number, 5 in total!Let’s take a look at what this player has learned.The first number dug: 100 class ring book, 80 class earring book, 100 class earring book, 60 class earring book, 80 class ring book!You know, the most expensive guide book is the ring book!Secondly, it is the earring book.Although this number of crystal stone dug more, but win in the spirit of the guide book of the kind of very pass!That’s a good start.Level 2: Bracelet book 100, Ornament book 100, Ornament book 60, Earring book 60, SPAR 60 *2, SPAR 80 *3, Gem *5, Character experience.Compared with the first number, it is not so good.But it was ok, after all, I only got one experience.Number 3:100 Ornament Book, 80 Ornament book, 60 Ornament book, 60 ring book, 60 bracelet book, 80 ring book, 100 SPAR, 80 SPAR, Gem *3, Character experience *4.15 linglong treasure map, dug 4 times experience, 3 times gem, also no one.Alas, love the players.Number 4: Level 80 Bracelet book *2, Level 80 Ornament book, level 60 earring book, level 80 SPAR *3, Level 60 SPAR, level 100 SPAR, Gem *4, Character experience *2.It’s not amazing, but it’s acceptable.Number 5: Level 80 Ornament book, Level 80 Ring book, level 100 Earring book, Level 60 Ring book, level 100 Ornament book, level 80 Bracelet book, level 100 SPAR, level 60 SPAR, Gem *3, Starlite *2, Character Experience *2.Behind these a few number of harvest, with the first number is not comparable.But overall, today’s linglongbao chart harvest is also very rich.Guys, what do you think of this player’s harvest?Let’s share with you what you got when you dug up linglongbao.For more exciting content, please pay attention to our dream Westward Journey computer version headline number, please click the attention button above the picture to follow us, we will provide you with the most timely and interesting dream Westward Journey content every day.