Wu Yating open live revealed not to remarry, and suspected response to Wang Yuexin new love, make netizens feel bad

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Andy Lau gave birth to his daughter, Liu Xianghui, at 51.Aaron Koo didn’t have his son Kuson until he was 48 years old, while Aaron Kwok had his daughter Kwok Wing Xi until he was 52 years old. It can be seen that many stars in the entertainment industry practice late marriage and late childbearing, resulting in the age difference between them and their children almost equal to that of their grandparents.But some people have a baby early, such as Wang Yuexin, 33 years old, he has gathered together a son and a daughter, live to make people envy the object.As a result, on the evening of December 14, 2020, Wang Yuexin officially divorced his wife Wu Yating.At the time, he was 31 and she 28.That is, when other stars have not yet found a partner, they have already completed the birth of a second child, and the recovery of single life journey.After divorce, Wang Yuexin had on many occasions, hope Wu Yating can find another him, after all, life can have different attempts, there is no need to be a relationship.And they may leave at any time to pursue another way of life.But as it turned out, the woman did most of the childcare, while the man was photographed holding hands with a girl on the street a year after his divorce.It has not been confirmed whether the two are in a relationship, but it has caught the attention of netizens.Many people said that the original said for a long time, do not want to be a relationship constraints, in fact, Wang Yuexin himself.Recently, Wu Yating opened live chat with netizens.Many people are very concerned about her emotional state, have asked, why do you divorce Wang Yuexin?Any complaints against him?Wu yating said that love is beautiful, but marriage will involve a lot of problems, can not survive is common.As for resentment, there is no, because Mr. Wang is really good to the two children.Usually when I come back to see my children for a day or two, I take them to play.The net friend asks: that these two days, you all live together?Wu yating said, “No, they won’t live together after divorce. It’s disgusting.”He usually takes the kids out during the day and drops them off at night.Once in a while, if I want to live with my kids, I move out for two days.Many netizens asked, since very good, why did not see him with children recently?Wu Yating said that in the past six months, Wang Yuexin is particularly busy, so the number of times to see the child is less.Busy time?Why is there time for love?When people mentioned her ex-husband’s new relationship, Wu could only respond awkwardness: “You guys are so gossiping and paying a lot of attention.”At this time the message area someone asked Wu Yating, will remarry?See this question, Wu Yating was silent for a while, first asked how many people in the studio divorced?I didn’t expect a lot of people to respond.’Who here is ready to get remarried?’ Ms. Wu then asked.A few said they wanted to remarry, but more responded by staying single.Wu said she felt the same way.Because if you meet someone who is perfect for you in the future, they will be willing to tolerate you, but why would they be willing to tolerate their children?The odds are too small.In addition, the divorce agreement stipulates that each child has one child, but now they are kept in their own home, so it is not fair for her future boyfriend to accept two children at once, so she will not consider getting married again.The net friend smell speech feel very distressed, ask one after another, that you still believe in love?Wu yating said, of course, because love is beautiful.So if you meet the right person, you still want to be in a relationship, but you may be in a relationship for 5 or 10 years, but you don’t want to get married again.Many netizens are very distressed wu Yating, but also joked that after divorce, all men are good to remarry, girls will struggle.Unexpectedly Wu Yating saw this message, also echoed: indeed, after a divorce, men generally do not take children, as long as they can pay the maintenance to the ex-wife, then the previous marriage for him no burden, and then find another wife, naturally is not what difficult.So, you guess, the current entertainment circle after divorce, still single female stars, is not and Wu Yating’s mentality is the same?