Much!!!!Snow and ice in Jilin’s White Mountain

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Shenzhou celebration, jubilation across the country, history will be engraved under this thick and heavy color.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially kicked off at around 20:00 on February 4th, sparking the Olympic flame at the “Bird’s Nest”.The reporter of China saw that the snow, ice and ethnic elements of Jilin Bai Mountain in the performance “Together for the Future” before the ceremony made an amazing appearance in the Bird’s Nest.In the video, children from Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Baishan city, Jilin Province, play football and ski in the snow.The Korean compatriots also beat changgu and danced happily to express their best wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the audience, with the dynamic and cheerful rhythm of the scene, the mood was instantly ignited, and all the audience were beating along with the music.This also let Jilin again in the Winter Olympics “out of the circle”!Why say “again”?China learned that Baishan city in Jilin Province is not the first time to appear in the “live” of the Winter Olympics. In 2018, the Eight-minute promotional video broadcast by China at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea included several pictures from Baishan city. The beauty of the snow and ice in Baishan Mountain has long represented China’s approach to the world.Baishan city is a typical northern city, both green mountains, and ice snow, ice sports here has a long history.White is the national snow and ice of athletes training base, the Chinese short track speed skating project first world champion Guo Hongru is white athletes, over the years has trained a batch of snow project world champions, Asia and the national champion athlete, the winter Olympics baishan with 2 players to compete, 12 judges to participate in the games of board cutting work of the project.At the same time, there are two ski resorts in baishan which are training bases for the Winter Olympics. In the past three years, a large number of athletes have trained here for the Winter Olympics.Winter Olympics in Beijing, experience in Jilin.In the future, ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry in Baishan city of Jilin Province will develop better and better, truly turning the ice and snow into gold and silver mountains.Welcome to Jilin!Source: China